Вводный курс Crowdin

Crowdin является платформой управления переводом и локализацией, которая позволяет компаниям переводить программное обеспечение / документацию на разные языки. В этой статье вы найдете всю необходимую информацию о процессе локализации проекта.

Страница профиля

Откройте страницу профиля, все проекты к которым вы присоединились отображаются во вкладке Проекты. В настройках профиля вы можете добавить свою фотографию, указать имя и языки которые знаете.

Поиск проектов

Find the Crowdin project you would like to contribute to using the Search field in the header or the URL provided by the project manager. Not all projects can be found with the help of a Search field. The reason is that they are private and can be reached only via invitation link.

Visit our Showcases page where you can find a number of popular public projects, grouped by categories.

Before you start translating, some projects require a membership request to be approved by a project manager.

Процесс перевода

As a working space, use the Editor to suggest translations online. In the left section, you can see a list of strings in the selected file. An active one will be highlighted. All details about the string are shown in the central and right sections.

Collaborate with other project participants, vote for the most appropriate variants of translations, use the advantages of Glossary and Translation Memory. Refer to machine translations as a basis for your own suggestions.

You can download project files for offline translation if the project manager enabled public downloads. Use XLIFF file format that is supported by the majority of desktop localization tools for offline translation.

Analyzing Reports

View your contribution to the projects you participate in. All your actions are recorded and displayed in the User Reports.

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