With the help of the Project Glossary, it is possible to create, store, and manage your project terminology in one place. Glossaries are created for the clarification of the specific terms used in the project. Terms are displayed as the underlined words in the Editor. They get highlighted while hovering on them, so that the project participants can see their meaning.

Glossary Upload

If you already have the terminology that you would like to use in the Crowdin project, you can easily upload it to the project in the following way:

  1. Go to the Project Settings, Glossary tab
  2. Click Upload
  3. Choose appropriate *.TBX, *.CSV or *.XLSX file
  4. Click Upload

In case you upload Glossary in CSV or XLSX file formats, match columns with corresponding languages in configuration dialog.

Glossary Download

Click Download to download the glossary in TBX file format. Some browsers may add .xml extension while downloading the file, so the resulted file may be named as following sample.tbx.xml. In order to import such a file back to Crowdin, rename it to sample.tbx.

Terms Translation

If the Translate Glossary option is activated, the system creates an additional file with the terminology that requires translation along with the other translation files.

Adding Terms

You can add the new terms to the glossary during the translations process. To do this:

  1. Go to the Project Settings, Glossary tab
  2. Click Add Term
  3. Fill fields with the term’s name and its description
  4. Click Add

Proofreaders can create terms in the Editor. They can also add translations to the newly added terms. Grant your translators with the same possibility checking Allow translators to create glossary terms option in the Project Settings, General tab.

Deleting Terms

To delete all terms from your glossary:

  1. Click the top checkbox above the terms list
  2. Confirm all terms selection
  3. Click Delete to clear all terms in the project.

Sharing Glossaries

You can adjust sharing setting by clicking the Share Glossaries option in the Resources page, Glossaries tab.