Create and assign tasks to get files translated or proofread by specific members or vendors. You can set the due dates, split words between assignees, receive notifications about the changes and updates in tasks, and discuss the task with other project members in comments.

Creating New Task

  1. Open your project and go to the Tasks tab.
  2. Click Create Task.
    Note: One task can be assigned to one project only.

    Create Task

  3. Name the task and add a description (optional).
  4. Set the task parameters:
    • Type – select between Translate, Proofread, Translate by vendor, and Proofread by vendor.
      Note: In the Proofread mode, all the strings in the file, excluding the approved ones, will be added to the task.
    • Due Date (optional) – set a deadline.
    • Strings – select all the strings or only the modified ones during a specific period. If you select the modified strings, only those will be added to the task, not the whole file.
    • Filter by labels (optional) – select the labels that the filtered strings should be marked with.
    • Skip strings already included in other tasks – select or clear this option depending on your preferences.
    • Files – select files that should be translated or require proofreading.
    • Languages – select target languages (a separate task will be created for each selected language). The Untranslated Words column shows the total number of words added to the task.
  5. Click Assign to assign users to the task for each language separately.
  6. Click Create Task.
    Create Task

Splitting Files

To speed up the translation or proofreading process, split files between several members. For that, select Split Files in the Assign users dialog. You can set the approximate amount of words for each assignee.

Splitting Files

Project Tasks

The task board allows you to see all the tasks in the project. The tasks assigned to you are marked with next to the task name. Use the Search tasks field to search tasks by name or filter tasks by assignees. To see the task details, click on the task name.

Task Board

Editing Task

To change the task details, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to the Tasks tab.
  2. Click on the name of the task you’d like to change.
  3. Click in the upper-right corner and select Edit.
    Editing Task
  4. Do the needed changes and click Save.

Changing Task Status

To change the task status, select the task assigned to you and drag it to the column with the status you need.

Note: Only the project owner and managers can change the task status for all the project tasks.

Changing Task Status

Closing Task

To close the task when it’s finished, move it to the Done column and click Close.

To see the list of closed tasks, click Closed.

User Tasks

To see all the tasks assigned to you, open your profile and go to the To Do tab.

You can see your tasks in the following two boards:

  • All – all the tasks assigned to you.
  • Archived – the tasks you archived.
    Note: If you archive a task assigned to several users, it will be shown on the Archived board for you and remain on the All board for the other users.

User Tasks


Q: How do the source file updates affect the existing translation and proofreading tasks?
A: After the source file update, the list of source strings included in the task will be updated in the following way:

  • The strings removed from the source file during the update will be removed from the task.
  • The modified strings marked with the Keep Translations option will appear in the task with the new modified text.
  • The newly added strings won’t affect the existing task in any way.

If the source file is restored to the revision containing the removed strings, they will reappear in the task.

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