Downloading Translations

Translations will be downloaded according to the rules, set in the Project Settings, Export section.

Beside using web interface, you can apply API, console client (CLI) or other integrations to automate translations download.

Project Translation Download

  1. Go to the Project Settings
  2. Click Build & Download

In case, you have built your project recently, and there weren’t any important activities since that time, go to the Translations tab, and click Download Latest.

By default, downloaded ZIP archive will contain separate folders per each language. These folders will be named with codes correspondent to each language (Language Codes).

Use export patterns to change the structure of ZIP archive according to your needs.

Language Translation Download

  1. Go to the Project Settings, Translations tab
  2. Click Build Project to download the latest translations
  3. Click Download across necessary language

File Translation Download

  1. Select the language on the project page
  2. Click the Three Dots button across the necessary file
  3. Choose Download

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