Permissions Granularity Mode

If your projects are assembled in groups you can either keep the resources (like Translation Memories, Glossaries, and Machine Translation engines) on a Workspace level or separate them between groups.

Separating resources allows you to give manager access to all the projects within a group and access to the resources within. For this, you should switch to the Permissions granularity mode.

Use cases

There are a couple of reasons to switch to the Permissions granularity mode:

  • It is easier to manage Translation Memories and Glossaries for the whole group at once. Will work great for the project groups with similar content or product types, or any other common criteria.
  • You will connect the necessary Machine Translation engines to the group and they will be available in all its projects.
  • You will grant manager access to many projects in fewer steps.
  • Workflow templates, created on the group level, will be available for each project within a group. To learn more about Workflows, read the Workflows article.
  • Localization resources you upload to a group will be accessible only to the members of this group.
  • You will be able to navigate to the necessary group and switch between the tabs with all the resources and permissions you can manage.


Give manager access to all the projects in the specific group with one action. When you add managers to a group, they inherit the membership and permission levels to all its subgroups and projects.

To add a group manager, navigate to the necessary group from the organization workspace and select Managers tab.

Managers Tab

Shared Localization Resources

For each separate group you can:

  • Add new workflow templates and edit existing ones
  • Manage Translation Memories and Glossaries
  • Connect Machine Translation engines

When you open a group of projects from the workspace, switch between the tabs to access the necessary resources.

Permissions Granularity Mode

Enable Permissions Granularity Mode

Only organization owners and admins can switch the organization to the Permissions granularity mode.

To manage resources for project groups, please follow these steps:

  1. Click your profile photo and choose Organization settings.
  2. Go to Permissions granularity section and click Enable Permissions Granularity Mode.

If you’d like to disable Permissions granularity mode and switch back to simplified resource management, make sure to reassign group and subgroup managers to the respective projects in your workspace beforehand.

All glossaries, TMs, and MTs will be moved to the Workspace level automatically and will become accessible for assignment to all organization projects.

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