Changing Subscription Plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. For this, visit pricing page and choose the plan most suitable for you.

Monthly Plans

If you upgrade or downgrade in the middle of the monthly billing cycle, your account limits will be instantly switched, and starting the next billing cycle you will be charged for the new plan.

Annual Plans

Annual plans are purchased in one payment which is then assessed as an account credit. Crowdin withdraws from this credit a corresponding amount each billing cycle.

As the number of your projects and strings can change over time, you are free to downgrade or upgrade at any point. The price of your previous annual plan is prorated and applied against the cost of your new subscription once the new monthly billing cycle starts. For example, if you make an annual payment for a Standard plan and downgrade to a Micro plan, your credit will last longer than a year. Likewise, if you purchase Micro and upgrade to Standard over time, the credit may run out in less than a year.

We never ask you to make additional payments along the way as your needs change. Once your annual payment credit goes below 2 months, we’ll send you a reminder to renew.

Enabling Advanced Features

If you noticed a message in Crowdin that some features you need are not available for your current plan, this means that it’s necessary to upgrade.

What Happens if You Exceed Your Plan Quota

When you exceed your translation strings quota, you will receive an email from us asking to upgrade. After exceeding the limit of your plan quota, you have 10 more days to upgrade the subscription, otherwise, your project will be suspended for translators. However, you will still be able to access your account and project settings. Moreover, all data will remain as it is until the moment the subscription is updated.

We recommend upgrading plan beforehand if you expect to have more strings uploaded soon.

Changing the Subscription from Monthly to Annual

If you decide to switch to yearly billing from a monthly billing plan, or vice versa, your account, along with any other paid features and products, will be moved to your new billing cycle on your next billing date.

  1. Open your Account Settings and go to the Payments tab.
  2. Click Suspend.
  3. Go to the Pricing page.
  4. Switch the plan type to Annual.
  5. Select a suitable plan.
  6. Click Subscribe.

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