Translation Memory

Project Translation Memory (TM) is the vault of the previously translated content from the particular project, which is either uploaded by the user or collected by Crowdin. Every translation made in the project is automatically added to the Project Translation Memory.

Downloading or Uploading the Translation Memory

  1. Go to the Project Settings, TM & MT tab
  2. Click Download or Upload. TM is exported from Crowdin in the TMX file format only, although the following formats are acceptable for the TM import: *.TMX, *.CSV, *.XLSX.

In case you upload TM in CSV or XLSX file formats, match columns with corresponding languages in configuration dialog.

Assigning TM

If you want to choose some specific TMs to your project, do the following:

  1. Go to the Project Settings, TM & MT tab
  2. Click Assign TMs
  3. Check necessary TMs in the appeared dialog
  4. Click Save

You can set priority of selected TMs in the same dialog.

TM Sharing

Sharing the Project Translations Memory between the projects allows to apply all TMs under the specific account to all the projects under it. On the Resources page, Translation Memory tab, you can share your Translation Memories between the projects, by checking the option Share Translation Memories.

Applying Translation Memory via Pre-translation

  1. Go to the Project Settings, TM & MT tab
  2. Click Pre-Translate
  3. Select via TM option from the drop-down list
  4. Select files and languages you want to be pre-translated
  5. Click Pre-Translate

While doing pre-translation, you can choose the following options:

  • Auto-approve added translations
  • Add translations even if the same translations already exists – this option will be useful in a combination with the first one
  • Apply for untranslated strings only

Pre-translation can be performed automatically if new files were uploaded. This feature is available as a part of Custom Workflow (only for Organization plans).

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