Translation Memory Auto-substitution

Auto-Substitution is aimed to increase the benefit of using the Translation Memory (TM) by suggesting translations with a higher similarity match. The feature substitutes the non-translatable elements (such as tags, HTML entities, placeholders, numbers and more) in translations suggested by TM by the ones used in the source strings.

Non-translatable Elements that can be Auto-substituted

Auto-substitution feature can substitute the following non-translatable elements:

Non-translatable elements Source string example TM suggestion (German) Improved TM suggestion
Tags <b %s>Help</b> <span>Hilfe<span> <b %s>Hilfe</b>
HTML entities Currency &euro; Währung &yen; Währung &euro;
Line breaks Profile Profil<br/> Profil
Escape sequences (\r\n, \r, \n, \t, unicode, hex) Translation \x42 Übersetzung \u4242 Übersetzung \x42
Non-escaped equivalents of \r\n, \r, \n, \t Translated by \n TM Übersetzt vom Übersetzungsspeicher Übersetzt vom \n Übersetzungsspeicher
Placeholders Example %s Beispiel %1$s Beispiel %s
Numbers Attempt 2 Versuch 5 Versuch 2
Letter case Log in einloggen Einloggen
Special characters Help? Hilfe! Hilfe?
URLs More Information: Weitere Infos: Weitere Infos:
ICU syntax Get {discountPercent, number, percent} discount Erhalte {discountValue, number, currency} Rabatt Erhalte {discountPercent, number, percent} Rabatt

Auto-Substitution Setup

To enable Auto-substitution feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Project Settings.
  2. Open tab.
  3. Scroll down to Translation Memory section.
  4. Select Enable Auto-Substitution checkbox.

Auto-substitution for Pre-translation

To pre-translate your project, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Project Settings, TM & MT tab.
  2. Click Pre-translate, via TM.
  3. Select the target languages and files to which pre-translation should be applied.
  4. Choose a minimum match ratio 100% (includes 100% TM matches and the ones improved to 100% by auto-substitution).
  5. Click Pre-Translate.

Auto-substitution for TM Suggestions

With Auto-substitution feature, translators would be able to see the improved TM suggestions in the Editor. The percentage below the improved suggestion shows the match percentage of the original TM suggestion and of the improved one.

Note: To configure the minimum similarity match of shown TM suggestions go to Editor Settings.

Cost Reports

Once the feature is enabled it would influence the way the Costs Estimation and Translation Costs reports are calculated.

Costs Estimation report would count TM suggestions that can potentially be improved by auto-substitution feature based on the highest similarity match those strings can be improved to. For example, a match that can be improved from 75% match to 100% match would be considered a 100% match.

Translation Costs report would count TM suggestions improved by auto-substitution feature as regular TM suggestions. For example, a match improved from 75% match to 100% match would be considered a 100% match.

Note: If the string was translated with an improved suggestion shown it would be counted as such. Regardless whether the feature is enabled or disabled at the moment Translation Costs report is generated.

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