Organize members of your organization into teams to simplify the people management in projects, workflow steps and tasks.

Teams help you invite tens or even hundreds of members to the project in a few clicks. So inviting a team to the project becomes as easy as inviting a single person.

Use Cases

  • Create language-specific teams of members. You’ll be able to assign a whole team to the needed target language on the workflow steps of your projects.
  • Assign teams to translation or proofreading tasks.
  • Add a member to the team to automatically grant access to all projects the team participates in.

Creating Team

To create a team, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Organization’s Workspace and select User management on the left.
  2. Switch to the Teams tab.
  3. Click Create team in the lower-right corner. Create team
  4. Name your team and select needed members.
  5. Click Create.
    Name team

Assigning Team

Assigning Team to Workflow Step

You can assign a team to the workflow step of your project in the workflow editor or the Workflow template editor. Assign team to workflow step

Inviting Team to Project

You can invite a team to the project via the Members page and provide the necessary access level the same way as you do it for a single person. Read more about inviting people to the project.

After you invited a team to the project, you can remove one or few people from the project members list. In this case, the deleted member will remain in the team and on next invitations to the projects will be listed among project participants.

Assigning Team to Task

While creating a translation or proofreading task, you can assign it to the team. Optionally, you can use the Split files option to split translatable content between team members.

Read more about creating a task.

Editing Team

Any time you want to view the team members list, rename a team, add new or remove current team members, or delete a team, you can do it in the User management > Teams page.

To edit a team, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Organization’s Workspace and select User management on the left.
  2. Switch to the Teams tab.
  3. Right-click on the needed team and select the option from the context menu. Edit team

After you edit a team (add a new member or remove one of the current ones), the changes will be applied automatically to all the projects this team participates in.

When you delete a team on the User management > Teams page, all its members will also be deleted from all the projects this team participates in.

Team Permissions

When you invite a single member to the project that also participates in the team, and later on, you invite this team to the project as well, the personal permissions of this member might be overridden by the team permissions. For example, if the member initially had permissions only to translation step of French, and then the whole team was granted permissions to the translation and proofreading steps of French, German and Italian, this particular member will also get higher permissions.

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