Slack Integration

With Crowdin’s Slack integration, your organization can post to your Slack workspace in response to events in your account and projects, like language progress, new strings, mentions, and more.

After you integrate Crowdin account with Slack, select notifications you’d like to receive, and Crowdin bot will send them as direct messages.

Note: Slack integration for Crowdin must be configured for each individual user who wants to receive notifications in Slack.

To receive notifications from Crowdin via Slack, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Account Settings under the user icon in the top menu bar. account settings menu
  2. In the Notifications section select Slack, then click Connect. connect slack
  3. Authorize the connection with Crowdin on the Slack side. authorize slack
  4. Go back to Crowdin and enable Slack as a notification channel. Select notifications you would like to receive in Slack.
    slack notifications
    You will receive the selected types of notifications as direct messages from the Crowdin bot.
    crowdin notifications slack

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