Freshdesk Integration

Integration with Freshdesk allows you to localize your Knowledge base articles, frequently asked questions, and other helpful content to provide your customers with support in their native language.

How Does The Integration Work

Once you set up the integration, the texts from Freshdesk will be automatically added as XML files to your Crowdin Enterprise project. Besides articles, you will be able to localize names and descriptions of your helpdesk categories and folders. These texts will be added to the project as separate XML files.

Here’s how your project files will look after the successful configuration:

Freshdesk Integration File Structure

A separate folder is created for every category you selected for translation. Each category folder will contain separate files for these data types:

  • Category name and description.
  • Folder names and descriptions.
  • Separate file for each article.

The numbers in the folder and file names are the IDs of categories, folders, and articles in Freshdesk. These IDs are visible only to project owner and managers. Instead of the IDs, your translators and proofreaders will see the real category, folder, and article names.

Once you have the files uploaded to the project, you can invite contributors to translate and proofread the texts. Learn about translation approaches you can use in Crowdin.

To upload translations to Freshdesk, you can both set up a sync schedule to add translations automatically to the helpdesk within the configured periods or launch sync instantly when needed. The sync schedule is the final step of the integration setup.

Connecting Freshdesk with Crowdin

To connect your Freshdesk account with your Crowdin Enterprise project, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Crowdin Enterprise project and go to Applications > System.
  2. Click on Freshdesk in the Integrations list.
  3. Specify your Freshdesk Portal URL (e.g., and your Freshdesk profile API key (you can find it in your Freshdesk Profile settings).
  4. Click Set up Integration to integrate via your Freshdesk account.
    Freshdesk Integration Credentials
  5. Click Settings to finish the setup.
    Freshdesk Integration Settings
  6. Set the following options:
    • Set the time interval to configure the synchronization schedule.
    • Select the categories you’d like to upload descriptions and articles from.
    • Select Publish Solution Translations if you’d like the translated content to be automatically published on your helpdesk after the synchronization.
  7. Click Save.
    Freshdesk Integration Select Categories

You can leave Push Translations Every empty and use Sync Now to launch synchronization instantly, once needed. Freshdesk Integration Sync Now

Uploading Translations from Freshdesk

By default, the translations stored on the Freshdesk are uploaded to Crowdin Enterprise only during the first synchronization. To upload translations to Crowdin Enterprise manually, click on the drop-down toggle on the Sync Now button, and click Upload Translations. The integration will upload existing translations to your Crowdin Enterprise project.

Freshdesk Integration Upload Translations

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