Google Play Integration

With Crowdin’s Google Play integration, you can speed up the process of your app’s data localization. Once the integration is enabled all the texts from the store page are collected in one file and added to your project in Crowdin Enterprise. When translations are done, it takes a few clicks to add them to your app’s page in the store.


To connect Google Play with your project in Crowdin Enterprise, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to Resources > Integrations & API.
  2. Select Google Play integration and click Connect.
    Integration tab
  3. Enter the package name and click Set Up Integration. Once the integration is set up, you’ll see connected tag next to the Google Play logo.

The file with the source text would appear in the Content section, Files tab of your project. The file’s name is set to google_play.xml by default.

Content Section

Publishing Translations

To publish translations, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to Resources > Integrations & API > Google Play.
  2. Click Preview & Publish Translations.
    Translations Preview
  3. Available translations will appear in accordance with configured Export options. Look through them to check if everything looks good and deselect the languages you do not want to publish. Click Next to proceed. Review Translations
  4. Attach the file with your service account credentials and click Publish Translations. Publish Translations
  5. The process of translations upload to Google Play would be visible in the next window. When upload is done, simply click Close.
Note: Google Play limits the amount of times you can publish translations for the same language in one day.

Creating Service Account Credentials

Before you can publish translations you’d have to open access to your Google Play Developer Console. This would allow you publish translations directly to your Google Play project within Enterprise.

Note: For the safety reasons, the file with your service account credentials is not stored, so you’d have to attach this file each time publishing your translations to Google Play.

Follow these steps to create and add your service account credentials:

  1. Link Google Play Developer Console with Google Developer project:

    1. Open the API access page in the Developer Console Settings
    2. Select an existing project or create a new one and click Link

  2. Generate service account credentials:

    1. Open the Service accounts page. If prompted, select one of the existing projects.

    2. Click Create Service Account

    3. Type a service account name
    4. Choose Service Account Actor as your project role
    5. Check the Furnish a new private key option (JSON key type is required)

    6. Click Create

    At this point your service account credentials file is generated and downloaded to your machine.

  3. Grant access to your service account:

    1. Click Grant access across the created service account on the API access page

    2. In the newly appeared window check the following permissions:

      • Visibility
      • Edit store listing, pricing & distribution
      • Manage Production APKs

    3. Click Add user

Now, you can use the file with your service account credentials to publish your translations to Google Play within Crowdin Enterprise.

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