Google Play 商店集成

通过使用 Crowdin 的 Google Play 集成,您可以加快应用的数据本地化进程。 一旦启用了该集成,商店页面的所有文本都会被收集到一个文件中,并添加到您在 Crowdin 企业版的项目中。 当译文完成后,只需几次点击就可以将它们添加至商店中的应用页面中。

使用 Crowdin 企业版连接至 Google Play

若要将 Google Play 与您在 Crowdin 企业版的项目连接,请遵循如下步骤:

  1. 打开您的项目,并前往 应用程序 > 系统
  2. 在应用程序列表中点击 Google Play
  3. 输入软件包名称并点击 设置集成

Google Play 集成 - 设置


Google Play 集成 - 编辑包名称

The integration will collect the source texts into a file which will be placed in Content > Files. By default, the file name is set to google_play.xml.


To publish translations, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to Applications > System > Google Play.
  2. Click Preview & Publish Translations.
  3. Available translations will appear accordingly to the configured Export options. See whether all translations look good and clear the checkbox next to the languages you don’t want to publish. 点击 下一步 以继续。 Selecting Languages for Publishing
  4. Upload a file with your service account credentials and click Publish. Google Play Integration Publish Translations
  5. You can track the publishing progress in the next dialog. Once the translations are uploaded, click Close. Google Play Integration Publishing Progress
Note: Google Play limits the number of times you can publish translations for the same language in one day.


To publish translations from Crowdin Enterprise directly to your Google Play project, you need to configure access to your Google Play Console beforehand.

Note: For security reasons, the file with your service account credentials is not stored in Crowdin Enterprise, so it's necessary to upload this file each time you want to publish your translations to Google Play.

To create and add your service account credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Link Google Play Console with Google Cloud project:

    1. Open the Google Play Console and go to Setup > API access.
    2. Link an existing project or create a new one.

  2. Generate service account credentials:

    1. Go to Service accounts. If prompted, select one of the existing projects.

    2. 点击 创建服务帐户

    3. Specify the service account name and click Create and Continue.

    4. From the Role list, select Service Accounts > Service Account User and click Done.

    5. Open the Actions menu on the created service account and select Manage keys.

    6. In the Keys tab, click Add key > Create new key.

    7. Select JSON and click Create.

    A JSON file that contains your service account credentials will be downloaded to your machine.

  3. Grant access to your service account:

    1. In the Google Play Console, go to Setup > API access and click Grant access on your service account.

    2. In the Account permissions tab, select the following permissions:

      • View app information and download bulk reports (read-only)
      • Publish Play Games Services projects
      • Release to production, exclude devices, and use Play App Signing
      • Manage store presence

    3. Click Invite user.

After it, you can use the file with your service account credentials to publish your translations from Crowdin Enterprise to Google Play.