Translation Strategies

Your Own Translators Team

This translation strategy embraces the involvement of your own translators team in the translation process. You can invite different translators to manage the project:

  • In-house translators
  • Freelancers you hire
  • External language agencies you trust

If you choose to invite an external translation agency, you can promote a lead translator to the project manager and empower him to manage the project from the very beginning till the end.


Crowdsourcing is a method of involving the community to help with the translations on the voluntary basis or for the symbolic award. It is quite a popular and convenient translation technique, since there are no better experts in your software than its end users. Crowdin provides a bunch of tools that make the crowdsourcing process easy to accomplish. They are the following:

  • Simple ways of inviting translators via the invitation link, direct email or social media
  • Reports
  • Abuse report which prevents the violations in the translations
  • Vote mode for translators with the help of which it is easy to choose the most appropriate translation
  • Proofreading mode, in which the trusted translators do the translation review
  • Communication channels: comments and private messages

Professional Translators

Crowdin cooperates with several professional translation agencies. All the translators are certified linguists and native speakers, who are tutored to work in Crowdin. Professional translation is a paid service, where the approximate cost for your project is calculated or negotiated in the process of purchasing.

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