Joining Translation Project

Finding a Project

There are several ways of finding a project in Crowdin you would like to participate in:

  1. Using a Search field in the head menu Advanced Search helps you to specify the scope of projects. Only public projects can be found in this way.
  2. Using the URL provided by the project manager

Visit our Showcases page where you can find a number of popular projects.

Starting Translation

  1. Open a project page
  2. Select a language. By default, the list of target languages starts with your preferred ones. Configure them in the profile settings.
  3. Open one of the files or click Translate All

Before you start translating, some projects require a request to be approved. To submit a request, click Join. In the pop-up dialog, add some details why do you want to participate in that project.

Contacting a Project Manager

If the project either does not contain the language you would like to translate into, there are some questions related to its content, or you would like to be promoted to a proofreader, you should contact the project manager.

On the project page, click Contact below the manager’s name.

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