Sketch Plugin

This plugin lets you connect your Sketch and Crowdin projects. Localize the UI and review designs within different languages before programming starts.
Send mockups for translation to Crowdin in a click and upload translations back to your design tool. Synchronize texts any time needed. Preview and customize the translated copy directly in Sketch.

Installing Crowdin for Sketch Plugin

You can download the latest release from our GitHub repository.

  1. Download the installation file.
  2. Unzip it.
  3. Double-click on the sketch-crowdin.sketchplugin file for auto installation.

Crowdin for Sketch plugin can also be installed with Sketch Runner.

Connecting Sketch with Crowdin Account

Before you can start sending translations to Crowdin and upload them back to Sketch, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Plugins > Crowdin > Connect to Crowdin.
  2. Provide your Personal Access Token.
    To generate a new token in Crowdin, go to your Account Settings, API&SSO tab, Personal Access Tokens section and click New Token.
  3. Choose the project you would like to upload source texts to.

You can send texts for translations from different Sketch files/projects to the same or different projects in Crowdin. To change the Crowdin project you want to connect the Sketch file with, choose Plugins > Crowdin > Connect to Crowdin and choose the necessary project in Crowdin from the dropdown list.

Sending Designs for Translation in Crowdin

You can send either texts from a selected page or selected artboard for translation.

If you send texts from a Sketch page with a couple of artboards on it, a separate folder will be created in your Crowdin project. This folder will contain HTML files for each artboard the selected Sketch page contains.

The folder and file names will contain specific IDs from Sketch, but they won’t be visible for your translators or proofreaders. They will only see the titles of the page and artboards as they are named in your Sketch project.

To send texts for translation:

  1. Open the necessary Sketch file.
  2. Select either a page or separate artboard you want to localize.
  3. Choose Plugins > Crowdin > Send texts of selected page or Send texts of selected artboard.

Once you have the files uploaded to the project, you can invite contributors to translate and proofread the texts. Learn about translation approaches you can use in Crowdin.

Pulling Translations Back to Sketch

You can synchronize texts between Sketch and Crowdin projects any time you want to test the translated copy inside Sketch.

For this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the necessary Sketch file that contains texts you’ve previously sent for translation.
  2. Select either a page or separate artboard you want to preview and customize.
  3. Choose Plugins > Crowdin > Get translations of selected page or Get translations of selected artboard.
  4. Select the target language you want to upload translations for and click OK.

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