Pre-Translation via Machine

The pre-translation via machine translation (MT) engines takes translations from Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and other supported engines and applies them to the project content. Configure at least one of the machine translation engines to start using this feature.

Manual Pre-translation via MT

To apply Pre-translation via MT manually, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to the Dashboard tab.
  2. Click Pre-translation and select via MT.
  3. Select the preferred translation engine.
  4. Select the target languages and files you want to pre-translate.
  5. Click Pre-translation via MT.
Note: This feature can be applied only to untranslated strings.

Automated Pre-translation via MT

You can automate the Pre-translation via MT in the project Settings > Machine Translation. In this case, each time you upload new content to your project, the system will automatically trigger the Pre-translation via MT and apply translations to untranslated content.

Read more about Automated Pre-translation via MT.

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