Uploading screenshots is highly recommended for localization projects especially. It can significantly improve the quality of translations, since that provides more context to translators.

Added screenshots appear under each separate string in the Editor. Translators might have a look on them in order to know the exact place of strings usage.

Uploading Screenshots

To add the screenshot, do the following:

  1. Go to the Project Settings
  2. Open the Screenshots tab
  3. Drag and drop images from your machine, or click Upload Screenshots

Managing Retina Screenshots

High-resolution images can be viewed in a proper scale on non-retina display. For that the scale factor should be changed by adding “@2x” or “@3x” at the end of the file name.

Assigning the Strings with Text Recognition

Text recognition is the most efficient feature to tag the strings with screenshots.

  1. Select the screenshot
  2. Make sure that the T icon (in the top left corner) is active
  3. Highlight the text for translation with the help of mouse. The system will try to recognize either any strings uploaded to Crowdin match the selected text. In case, several similar strings were found, there is an option to choose the most appropriate one basing on context.
  4. Click Save

If the T icon is not active, this means that feature in question is not supported for your source language.

Assigning the Strings Manually

  1. Select the screenshot
  2. Activate the Drag & Drop mode - Hand icon
  3. Filter strings in the right panel
  4. Drag the needed string to the screenshot and put it on the appropriate text. Alternatively, click the string to tag it to the screenshot without specifying the exact place where it should appear.
  5. Click Save