Screenshots are a great way to improve the quality of translations. As screenshots provide translators with additional context.

Added screenshots appear under each separate string in the Online Editor. This way translators can see the exact location of a string in the UI.

Upload Screenshots

  1. Go to the Project Settings.
  2. Open the Screenshots tab.
  3. Drag images from your machine, or click Upload Screenshots.

Manage Retina Screenshots

High-resolution images can be viewed in a proper scale on a non-retina display. For that, the scale factor should be changed by adding “@2x” or “@3x” at the end of the file name.

Tag Strings Automatically

Text areas within an image will be detected automatically. Then the matching strings will be searched for among all the strings in the project. The ones found will be tagged on the screenshot.

  1. Select the screenshot.
  2. Click Auto Tag.
  3. Click Save.

Tag Strings using Text Recognition

The system will search for a string that matches the text area you select among all the strings in your project. In case, several similar strings are found, you will see all of them and be able to select the best matching one.

  1. Select the screenshot.
  2. Click Text Recognition.
  3. Highlight the text for translation.
  4. Click Save.

If the T icon is not active after you click on it, the Text Recognition feature is not available for the source language of your project.

Tag Strings Manually

Drag the listed strings to the text areas on the screenshot manually.

  1. Select the screenshot.
  2. Click Drag and Drop.
  3. Sort and filter the listed strings.
  4. Drag the needed string to the corresponding text area on the screenshot. Alternatively, click on the string to tag it to the screenshot without specifying the exact place where it should appear.
  5. Click Save.

Update Screenshots

To upload a new screenshot that will replace the current one. The already tagged strings that are relevant would remain tagged. In case the text on the screenshot changed its location - strings would remain tagged but on the new locations.

  1. Select the screenshot.
  2. Click Update Screenshot.
  3. Choose a new screenshot from your machine.
  4. Click Save.

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