After you create a project and upload files for translation, it’s time to decide who will translate and proofread your content. This article will cover all the approaches you can try out. Combine them and choose the ones that work best for you.

Invite Your Team of Translators

Invite as many translators and proofreaders to your project as needed. You can also give manager access to a lead translator or project manager so that they could manage the translation process for you (add translators, meet deadlines, and maintain quality).

Send email invitations or share an invitation link with the access to your localization project in Crowdin. You can invite:

  • Inhouse-Übersetzer
  • Freelancers
  • Translation agencies you already work with

Manage the project members in the Project Settings, Translators tab. To invite translators or proofreaders to the specific languages, enable Limited Access to the Languages. Weitere Informationen finden Sie dazu auf der Erweiterte-Projekteinrichtung-Seite.

Order Professional Translations

Crowdin Marketplace of vendors includes professional translation agencies you can hire to translate and proofread your project files. To check the list of all the vendors available, go to Project Settings, Vendors tab.

Some of the transition agencies are integrated with Crowdin via API. These agencies have sign next to their names in the marketplace. When you decide to work with them, Crowdin forwards your untranslated data directly to the agency and after the translation is completed, it is uploaded back to the project.

Professional translation is a paid service, where the approximate cost for your project is calculated or negotiated in the process of purchasing.

Connect Machine Translation Engines

Crowdin integrates with the most popular Machine Translation (MT) engines such as Google Translator, Microsoft Translate, Amazon Translate, DeepL Translator, Watson (IBM) Translator, and Yandex Translate.

Connect these engines to run pre-translate feature and get translations done by a machine. A human translator can also review those translations and do post-editing. Otherwise, you can connect an MT of your choice and machine translations will be shown in the Editor as suggestions to assist your translators.

Engage Your Community

If you have an active community that is ready to help with translations you can try out crowdsourcing. Сooperate with users on a volunteer basis and reward them for their efforts in a way that works for both of you.

The best practice would be to translate the project with the help of your community and then let professionals proofread the translations. the translation review

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