Translation Process Overview

Crowdin is a localization management platform that helps companies to translate their software and automate the overall process. In this article, you will find a list of required steps on the way of your project localization.

Create a Project

Create a project after the sign-up. Define either you want it to be private or public. Upload translatable content to the project manually or using any integration. Import additional resources such as glossary and translation memory (TM) if exist. Do pre-translation via TM to have the part of strings automatically translated.

Give additional context to the uploaded content adding screenshots. Translators might have a look on them in order to know the exact place of strings usage.

You might have some translations completed outside of Crowdin. They can be uploaded into the system to keep the process in one place.

Invite Project Participants

Define who should localize your product. Choose between in-house translators or volunteers, assign them various roles. Beside, you might collaborate with several professional translation agencies.

Let your translators work more effectively collaborating with each other and using a number of great tools available in the Editor.

Analyze Reports

Crowdin reports keep you aware of all the project details, activity, quality, statistics and even costs. Every action of your project participants is being recorded and displayed as an informative digest.

Download Translations

Define a set of rules according to which you will get your translations downloaded for further integration with your software.

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