Crowdin is a localization management platform that helps companies translate their software. In this article, you will find information on how you can contribute to localization projects as a translator.


En profilside er et placering, hvor du begynder at arbejde på Crowdin-projekter. In the Projects tab, you can see all the projects you have joined.



Go to Account Settings to edit your profile information, including your profile picture, full name, languages you know, password, and other details.


Udforskning af projekter

Find a Crowdin project you would like to contribute to using the search field in the header or the direct URL provided by the project manager. However, not all projects can be found with the help of the search field. This is because they are private and only accessible via invitation links.

Visit our Showcases page, where you can find some popular public projects grouped by category.


Some projects may require you to submit a join request which should be approved by a project manager before you can start translating.


The Editor is the main place where project members can suggest translations online. I venstre sektion kan du se en liste over strenge i den valgte fil. An active string is highlighted. All the details about the string are shown in the middle and right sections.

Collaborate with other project members, discuss any issues or questions in the Comments section, vote for the best translation variants, and take advantage of the project Glossary and Translation Memory. Use the machine translations as a basis for your own suggestions.

As an alternative to translating online in the Editor, you can download project files for offline translation if the project manager has enabled public downloads. Use the XLIFF file format for offline translation, which is supported by most desktop localization tools.



See your contribution to the projects you participate in using the User Reports.

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