Інтеграція з Jira

Integration with Atlassian Jira allows you to keep track of source string and translation issues reported by users working on the project translation in Crowdin.

With current integration, the following issue types reported in Crowdin are supported for the Jira dashboard:

  • General issues
  • Lack of context issues
  • Translation issues
  • Source string issues

Each synchronized issue type will have the task named after it in Jira. Each issue reported in Crowdin will create a sub-task in the corresponding Jira task.

Note: Integration turns off email notifications about those project issues in Crowdin chosen to be synchronized with Jira.

If you close one of the issues in Jira, a new one will be created as soon as a new issue in Crowdin is reported.

Crowdin проблема відображається в Jira

З’єднання Jira з Crowdin

To connect Jira with your project in Crowdin, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to the Integrations tab.
  2. Click on Jira Software in the Integrations list.
  3. Введіть базову URL-адресу вашого Jira проекту і натисніть Налаштувати інтеграцію. Base URL You’ll then access the Providing Access to Your Jira Project dialog.
  4. Configure an Application Link in Jira:
    Note: Only project administrators can set up Application Links.
    1. Log in to Jira as a user with the Jira Administrator permissions.
    2. Go to Jira settings > Products > Application Links.
    3. Enter your Crowdin URL and click Create new link. Jira administration Due to Jira functionality, it sometimes does not receive the response from the entered URL. If you see the message below, check the provided URL to be correct and click Continue. Application Links
    4. Fill in all the required fields in dialog windows and click Continue to finish configuring the link:
      • Application name: Crowdin Integration
      • Тип програми: Generic Application
      • Select Create incoming link and click Continue Create a link
      • Consumer Key: Crowdin
      • Consumer Name: Crowdin
      • Public Key: copy it from the Providing Access to Your Jira Project dialog in Crowdin Link applications
        Click Continue to finalize Application Link setup.
  5. Go back to Crowdin and click Next in the Providing Access to Your Jira Project dialog. Providing Access to Your Jira Project
  6. Allow read and write access to project data in Jira. Crowdin Enterprise will use this access to help the integration run correctly. Allow access
  7. Choose the Jira project key, select types and configure settings of Crowdin issues that you’d like to be synchronized with your Jira project. Jira issue settings available are:
    • Тип
    • Пріоритет
    • Виконавець
    • Ярлик (необов’язково)
    • Статус
    Note: The status values that you can select are taken only from the Done status category in Jira.
  8. Click Save. Jira Settings

Синхронізація проблем

Once you set up the integration, you can synchronize already existing issues in Crowdin (if any). A short message would tell you how many issues aren’t synchronized yet. To synchronize them, click Sync Issues. Sync Issues

Managing Jira Integration Settings

To change the integration settings, click Settings and apply the necessary changes. Updated settings will apply only to the newly synchronized issues. All the issues synchronized before will remain without any changes.

Note: If you change the Jira project key, already synchronized issues will remain as sub-tasks in Jira but won’t be resolved in Crowdin automatically.

Керування налаштуваннями

Deleting Integration

To delete the integration, click Delete Integration.

Note: All synchronized issues will remain as sub-tasks in Jira, but won’t be resolved in Crowdin automatically.

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