Поддерживаемые Форматы

What makes Crowdin unique is the wide range of supported translation formats. Используя нашу платформу, вы забудете о сложностях разработки, перевода и управления любого проекта или приложения. Именно это делает Crowdin наилучшим сервисом для совместных переводов на рынке локализации. We support all popular localization formats and platforms along with the formats that even desktop localization applications don’t support.


There is no doubt that the best way for your mobile application to reach the most of users should be in their languages. Google Play is available in over 130 countries and App Store is available in 155 countries. According to the latest researches only 24% of all mobile users speak English. However, the localization of your application to 15 languages gives you ability to reach over 85% of maximum possible.

Windows Phone
Firefox OS
resource files


If you want to create software used by users from all over world, localization is the only way for you to make it happen. Possibility to provide a product with the looks and feeling that it was specially created for the target market with minimized or totally eliminated local sensitivities guarantees your success. There are a lot of statistics that effectively illustrate the need to localize software for each target market.

For example:

  • 72% of consumers say they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language (CSA, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites).
  • 56% of consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price (CSA, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites).
  • 74% of multinational enterprises believe it is either important or most important to achieve increased revenues from global operations. (California State University at Chico, 2007)
Microsoft .NET
GNU GetText
.po, .pot
Ruby on Rails & YAML
Generic JSON
Generic XML
Generic INI
.rc, .resw, .resjson
Joomla Localization File
Google Chrome Extension
.dklang, .lng
NSIS Installer
WiX Installer

Documents, Subtitles

The accurate translation of the project documentation is no less important than product localization itself. Adapt your manual/help and supporting documentation to meet the requirements of international customers.

Very often software includes video demonstration or video guide for users, we understand how hard it is to maintain video clip on several languages. So we decided to provide translation tool to add and translate subtitles for your video, this is the best cheap compromise.

.xliff, .xml
.htm, .html, .xhtml, .xht
Plain Text
Jekyll Markdown & HTML
.md, .html
MadCap Flare
.flsnp, .flpgl, .fltoc
.wiki, .wikitext, .mediawiki
.odt, .ott, .ods, .ots, .odg, .otg, .odp, .otp
Microsoft Office
.docx, .dotx, .xlsx, .xltx, .pptx, .potx
Adobe InDesign
Adobe FrameMaker
Youtube Subtitiles

Graphics and Assets

We created the convenient workbench to store all the localization stuff under the same roof and possibility to get the project localized the fullest way. Graphic localization feature is developed to simplify the localization process for pics, logos and other non-textual materials that belong to the app. Any type content/graphic localization: no matter what assets you are planning to localize Crowdin gives you a tool for organization of the process.

  1. Upload your graphics to Crowdin
  2. Add all the necessary references for translator to understand how the work should be done
  3. Let translators localize all the graphics and upload them
  4. Download completed localized graphics sorted and ready for production

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