Изменение должностей участников проекта

Вы всегда можете изменить роль каждого участника проекта.

Project Roles

  • Owner – a person who created a project. Project ownership can not be changed.
  • Manager – has the same rights as a project owner except project deleting
  • Proofreader – does not have access to project settings, can translate and approve strings. Also, proofreader can accept/discard join requests and promote to proofreader or block translators.
  • Translator – can translate strings and vote for suggestions
  • Blocked – does not have access to the project

To change the role:

  1. Go to the Project Settings, Translators tab
  2. Click Details across necessary user in the list
  3. Check a new role in the Translator Info pop-up

Languages Permissions

In order to provide translator an access only to some specific languages, in the Translator Info pop-up, make sure that the role Translator is checked. In the Language Permissions panel, you can choose a role for user per language (P – Proofreader, T – Translator).

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