Управление файлами

In most cases, file management is done in the Project Settings, Files tab.

Изменение приоритета файлов

If there are some files that require translation before others, you can set priority to them. Click an arrow icon next to one of such files to change the priority (Low, Normal, High).

Добавление заголовков файлов

После загрузки файлов в проект, вы можете предоставить им более информативное название. For this, double-click on the necessary file, and set an appropriate title.
Note that this title is only shown in the Crowdin UI and doesn’t rename the actual file.

Checking Progress

You can check the translation and approval progress for each file. First, select a branch, folder, or file you need. Then click the right mouse button, and choose Progress. To see how many words are translated and approved hover over the progress line. To open the chosen file in the Editor click on the language you need.

Переименование файлов

To change the file’s name, click the three dot button next to the necessary file and then click Rename.

Обновление исходных файлов

In case you have added some new strings to one of the source files, update it to make newly added strings visible to translators. Click Update and select the new file.

If some of the source strings were modified, the system shows a dialog with a list of those strings. You’ll be able to choose which existing translations you want to keep without changes or delete, and whether you want to keep or remove approvals.

Restoring Previous Versions

После каждого обновления исходного файла создается новая ревизия файла. In order to restore the previous version of the file, click the number next to the file in the Revision column. Choose the date you want to restore your file to, click Restore.

Изменение настроек экспорта файла

Укажите название файла или полный путь к файлу, используя плейсхолдеры для указания структуры экспортируемого контента.

For example, the source file Resources.resx can be renamed to Resources.uk-UA.resx before it’s integrated with the application. For this, set the Resulting file name when exported to the following: Resources.%locale%.resx.

Коды языков в настройках экспорта

In case your project is translated into several dialects of the same language, it is not recommended to use %two_letters_code%, %three_letters_code% placeholders. Для языка и диалектов будет использоваться одинаковый код, поэтому во время экспорта диалекты не будут включены в архив.

Управление строками

If some strings contain data that is not supposed to be translated (e.g. placeholders, other technical entities), you can hide them from translators. To do this:

  1. Перейдите в настройки проекта, закладка Строки
  2. Выберите нужные строки
  3. Кликните по кнопке Скрыть

Moreover, there is a possibility to add context to the string, edit source text (only for the *.CSV files), and set the max. length of the translation.
Once the translation limits are exceeded, the system notifies the contributor that translation should be shorter.

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