Настройка систем машинного перевода

Machine translation engines integrated with Crowdin provide translation suggestions from the automatic translation services like Google Translator, Microsoft Translate, and Yandex Translate. Suggestions made by machine engines are displayed in the Editor, under the translators’ suggestions field. Also, you can do pre-translation using machine translation engines.

Machine Translation suggestions in the Editor

By default, machine translations are enabled for each project, but it is required to configure the translation engines before the project members will be able to use them. In case, you want to disable this option for specific projects, clear Show machine translation suggestions in the project settings.

In order to configure the machine translation engines, follow these steps:

  1. Кликните по меню Ресурсы.
  2. Выберите Машинный перевод.
  3. Укажите API-ключ нужной системы машинного перевода.
  4. Для завершения, кликните Update.

Configuring Machine Translation engines

Microsoft Translator

Go to the Windows Azure to access your Microsoft Translator API subscription key. Translator Text API offers free tier with 2,000,000 translated characters.

How to sign up for the Microsoft Translator Text API.


Используйте Yandex APIs Console для получения API-ключа Yandex.Translate. Translation projects, that do not exceed 10,000,000 characters per month (and no more than 1,000,000 in 24 hours), can use the Yandex.Translate API for free.

Google Translate

Obtaining Google Translate API key

  1. Create or select a project.
    Open your Google APIs Console page. Select an existing project if you have one.
    Select project
    To create a new project сlick Create Project, set a project name and click Create.
    Create new project
  2. Enable billing for your project.
    Click on a Products and Services sign and choose Billing. Library
    Billing Choose or add your billing account. Then, click Set Account.
    Set the billing account
  3. Enable the Translation API. Go to API Manager and choose Dashboard. Then, click Enable API.
    Enable API
    Click Translation API. Translation API
    Click Enable. Enable Google Cloud Translation API
  4. Set up your API credentials.
    Go to API Manager and choose Credentials.
    Then click Create credentials and choose API key.
    Create API key credentials Copy the key and click Close.
    API key created

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