Configuração de Ficheiros XML

To import an .xml file upload it to your project and configure to specify the file scheme.

  1. Go to the Content section, Files tab to upload the file.
  2. Click Configure next to the file. Select which content should be translated and click Save to proceed.

Configuração Básica

Allows you to make all node content and attributes translatable. XML COnfiguration

Configuração Avançada

Allows you to make specific node content and attributes translatable.

XML Advanced Configuration

File structure is displayed with the help of the following icons:

  • Node – Nó
  • Attribute – Atributo

Segmentação de Conteúdo

Use Content segmentation to split the content in the source file into shorter pieces of text, mostly sentences and short paragraphs. This is helpful when translating content units consisting of several sentences because it will be easier to translate smaller pieces of text. Segmentation Rules eXchange (SRX) are used for automatic content segmentation.

Note: Content segmentation disables the possibility to upload existing translations.

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