Capturas de Tela

Screenshots are a great way to provide translators with additional context for the source strings in your project and as a result, get more relevant and consistent translations. With screenshots, your team will be able to see which strings are used together on the same page, whether short texts stand for titles, buttons or something else, and more.

Tag source strings to the screenshots, so they are displayed in the Editor, where translators will see them in the context section below the source string.

Screenshots on translation page

Enviar Capturas de Ecrã

To upload screenshots into your project, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your project.
  2. On the left bar open Content > Screenshots.
  3. Drag images from your machine, or click Upload.
Note: High-resolution images could be resized to fit your screen if you add “@2x” or “@3x” at the end of the filename.

SCheenshots section

Marcar Frases Automaticamente

Text areas within an image will be detected automatically. Then the matching strings will be searched for among all the strings in the project. The ones found will be tagged on the screenshot.

  1. Open the screenshot with a double-click or click More > Edit.
  2. Click an Auto tag symbol on the top right of the screen.
  3. After all the strings are added, click Save.


Marcar Frases ao usar Reconhecimento de Texto

O sistema procurará por uma frase que corresponda à área de texto, que selecionaste, entre todas as outras frases no teu projeto. No caso, de haver várias frases semelhantes serem encontradas, verás todas elas e poderás selecionar a melhor correspondência.

  1. Open the screenshot with a double-click or click More > Edit.
  2. Highlight the source text.
  3. Once you tag all the strings, click Save.

Text Recognition

Marcar Frases Manualmente

Arrasta as frases listadas para as áreas de texto na captura de tela, manualmente.

  1. Open the screenshot with a double-click or click More > Edit.
  2. Sort, filter or search the listed strings.
  3. Drag the needed string to the corresponding text area on the screenshot. Alternatively, click on the string to tag it to the screenshot without specifying the exact place where it should appear.
  4. Clica em Guardar.

To tag all the strings from the selected file to your screenshot, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the file you need.
  2. Click Tag All > Save.

Atualizar Capturas de Tela

You can upload a new screenshot that will replace the current one. As frases já marcadas que são relevantes permanecem marcadas. In case the text on the screenshot changed its location – strings would remain tagged but on the new locations.

To update the screenshot follow these steps:

  1. Open the screenshot with a double-click or click More > Edit.
  2. Click Update Screenshot.
  3. Click Update icon at the top right and choose a new screenshot from your machine or simply use Drag&Drop.
  4. Clica em Guardar.

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