Managing Billing Information

Crowdin uses the PayPro Global service for the payments processing purposes.

In order to update your payment information in the PayPro payment profile, please do the following:

  1. Log in to the PayPro Global account. Enter email address you used while subscribing to Crowdin and the password you received in the purchase confirmation email from You might recover the password on the same page.
  2. When you are logged in, you can change the fields with your personal information.
  3. Click Update.

The next menu displays the credit card managing options. Here you can find the list of the existing credit cards. You can set one of your credit cards as default by clicking Set Default.

It is also possible to add a new card using this menu by clicking Add a New Card. By clicking Delete, you can delete any card from the list except the default one.

Important: Due to the security reasons, you are not allowed to edit information related to your credit cards. In case you made a mistake while adding a new credit card and saved it, please delete information about this card and add a new instead.

The next section displays all your available subscriptions and the actions you can perform with them. Here you can switch the credit card to the preferred subscription by choosing one of the added credit cards and clicking Update. You can also view the payments history and download the invoices for every recurring payment from the list by clicking Get Invoice.

In the last section you can see the purchase history associated with PayPro. Please note that this history keeps the purchasing records based on your email. Here you can see the current status of your orders and download the invoices if needed.

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