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Scopes let you set the exact access type you need. Scopes limit access for the personal access tokens, OAuth tokens, and Crowdin apps. They don’t provide any additional permissions except those the user already has within an organization.

The scopes you specify for the OAuth app on Crowdin Enterprise will be shown to the users on the authorization form.

Available scopes

Nome Key Descrizione
All scopes all Grants access to perform any of the following actions.
Notifiche notification Grants access to the list of enabled notifications, the ability to subscribe to a channel, as well as unsubscribe from it.
Translation memories tm Grants access to manage project Translation Memory files.
Machine translation engines mt Grants access to get the list of Machine Translation engines connected, as well as to create, delete MT engines, and update their settings.
Fornitori venditore Grants access to get the list of Vendors.
Glossaries glossario Grants access to manage the files with the project terminology.
Team squadra Grants access to teams of users.
Gruppi group Grants access to manage project groups a user has access to.
Progetti project Grants access to manage project a user has access to.
Lavori project.task Grants access to task lists, permission to create, delete, and update project tasks.
Rapporti Grants access to reports list, permission to generate, and export project reports.
Translation status project.status Grants access to translation status for the projects: current translation issues, translation progress on different levels: file, language, branch, directory.
Source files & strings project.source Grants access to add, get, delete, and update project branches, directories, source files, and source strings, as well ass access to the file revisions.
Webhooks project.webhook Grants access to read or write hook configurations on repositories a user manages.
Translations project.translation Grants access to add new and manage existing translations.
Screenshots project.screenshot Grants access to get screenshots list, add, get, replace, and delete screenshots, ability to access and modify screenshot tags.

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