Figma beépülő modul

With the Crowdin plugin for Figma, you can use texts from Crowdin in your designs to save time for both designers and developers. These could include original or translated texts. If necessary, you can add new ones (e.g., dialog titles, button labels) and send them to translators in Crowdin.

Használati esetek

  • Quickly generate multilingual creative assets.
  • Lefordíthatja a vázlatokat, és tesztelheti azokat a különböző nyelveken, mielőtt a programozás megkezdődne.
  • Stop using ‘Lorem Ipsum’, add real texts from Crowdin to your prototypes instead.
  • Create and upload source strings from your designs to your Crowdin project. This way, uploaded strings could be used by developers, which reduces time spent on development.
  • Töltsön fel címkézett képernyőképeket a Crowdin projektjébe.

A Crowdin Figma beépülő modul telepítése

  1. Jelentkezzen be a Figma-ba.
  2. Válassza a Plugins > Manage plugins… lehetőséget a Fájlböngészőben.
  3. Kattintson a Browse all plugins lehetőségre.
  4. Use the Search field to find Crowdin for Figma plugin.
  5. Kattintson az Install gombra a beépülő modul mellett.
  6. Kattintson az Install gombra a beépülő modul mellett.

A Figma Crowdin fiókkal való összekapcsolása

Setting up Crowdin Credentials

Note: To set up Figma integration, you need to have manager or owner permissions in the Crowdin project.

To specify your Crowdin credentials in Figma, follow these steps:

  1. In Figma File Browser, go to Plugins > Crowdin for Figma.
  2. Váltson a Beállítások menüre.
  3. Adja meg a Személyes hozzáférési tokent.
  4. Click Connect.

To generate a new token in Crowdin, follow these steps:

  • Go to Account Settings > API tab, Personal Access Tokens section, and click New Token.
  • Specify Token Name and click Create.

Selecting Crowdin project

To select the project you’d like to work with, click the drop-down menu in Settings > Select Crowdin Project, and select a project from the list. Later on, you can use the same drop-down menu to switch to another project if needed.

UI Localization

Use the Strings tab when localizing UI and working on dynamic pages with your development and marketing teams. In this tab, you can add source strings from Crowdin to your designs in Figma in a click. Miután a szövegeket felhasználta a vázlataiban, automatikusan feltöltheti a címkézett képernyőképeket, hogy a fordítók láthassák azokat a Crowdinban.

Using Source Strings from Crowdin in Figma

  1. Open the Crowdin plugin for Figma.
  2. In the Strings tab, use the Search field to find the specific copy. You can search strings by both the source text or the string identifier.
  3. Select the text layer you want to add text to and click on the needed string.

After using the source strings from Crowdin in your designs, you can preview translations for these strings in Figma and upload screenshots for them to your Crowdin project.

Adding Source Strings from Figma to Crowdin

You can add the strings that are already used in the designs or create and add completely new strings.

  1. Open the Crowdin plugin for Figma.
  2. Select the needed string(s) on the frames to add the strings used in the designs. Alternatively, skip this step if you want to add a new string.
  3. In the Strings tab, click .
  4. In the appeared dialog, fill in the required fields and click Add Strings. Figma Plugin Add String

Added strings will be transferred to your Crowdin project and also will be displayed in the list of the Strings tab. You can edit or delete the strings from the same list anytime. The respective changes will also be applied to the strings in your Crowdin project.

Key Naming Pattern Settings

To simplify adding strings from Figma to the Crowdin project, you can set up the desired key naming pattern for the source string identifiers in the plugin settings. The Crowdin plugin for Figma will suggest the string identifiers for new strings based on the selected pattern. While adding new source strings, you can always edit the suggested identifier to the preferred look.

To select the key naming pattern, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Crowdin plugin for Figma.
  2. Váltson a Beállítások menüre.
  3. In the Key naming pattern section, select the preferred option from the drop-down menu.

Címkézett képernyőképek feltöltése a Crowdinba

  1. Open the Crowdin plugin for Figma.
  2. In the Strings section, use texts from the Crowdin project in your designs. Kattintson az ikonra, hogy feltöltse a képernyőképeken használt szövegeket.
  3. To update screenshots on Crowdin, click again.

To learn more, read the article Screenshots.

Karakterláncok előnézete

To preview translations from Crowdin for strings that you used in the designs in Figma, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Crowdin plugin for Figma.
  2. In the Strings > Preview Strings section, select the target language you want to preview translations for. Az Összes nyelv lehetőséget is választhatja.
  3. Válassza ki a Figma-ban megtekinteni kívánt tartalmat. Select All Frames or Selected Frames. Figma Plugin Preview Strings

Marketing Visuals Localization

Use the Page Translation tab to localize static pages, like brochures and banners. In this tab, you can send texts with context for translators to Crowdin and upload translated copies back to Figma.

Sending Texts for Translation to Crowdin

You can send text for translation either from selected or all frames from a Figma file. Translators will work with those texts in the list view and use designs as an additional context for even higher translation quality.

A Crowdinban létrehozásra kerül egy figma-plugin nevű gyökérmappa. It will contain a subfolder named after your Figma file with HTML files for each frame inside. If needed, you can disable content segmentation in the plugin Settings so the long texts will not be split into sentences.

A Figma vázlatok fordításra való küldéséhez kövesse az alábbi lépéseket:

  1. Nyissa meg a kívánt Figma fájlt.
  2. Go to Plugins > Crowdin for Figma.
  3. In the Page Translation > Figma to Crowdin section, select content you’d like to send to Crowdin. Select All Frames or Selected Frames.

When the source files are uploaded to your Crowdin project, you can invite contributors to translate and proofread them.

Read more about translation strategies.

Uploading Translations from Crowdin to Figma

You can synchronize texts between Figma and Crowdin projects whenever you want to test the translated copy inside Figma or generate multilingual assets.

To upload translated copies to Figma, follow these steps:

  1. Nyissa meg a kívánt Figma fájlt.
  2. Go to Plugins > Crowdin for Figma.
  3. In the Page Translation tab, Crowdin to Figma section, select the target language you want to upload translations for. You can also select All languages.
  4. Select the content you want to preview in Figma. Select All Frames or Selected Frames.
    Note: Page names in Figma can consist of only letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), and special characters - _ .

After uploading translations to Figma, the modified file will contain a separate frame with translations for each target language. Az újonnan feltöltött lefordított verziók nem írják felül a korábban feltöltött verziókat. Bármikor törölheti azt a lefordított példányt, amelyre már nincs szüksége. Figma Plugin Uploaded Translations

If you’d like the newly uploaded translated versions to override the previously uploaded ones, open the plugin Settings and select Override existing translations.

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