Fordítások letöltése

You can easily download translations for the whole project at once or for each file separately.

A fordítások a Projekt beállítások, Exportálás szakaszban megadott szabályok alapján kerülnek letöltésre.

Exportálási beállítások

There are default export options you can choose from, or you can set your own export options for different languages clicking Advanced Options. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that default options are applied to all the languages except Greek, as it has an advanced configuration. This means that Greek translations will be downloaded only in case there is at least one approve.

Advanced Export Settings

Projekt fordításának letöltése

  1. Go to the Project Home window.
  2. Kattintson a Letöltésre.

You may then choose the translation languages for the download. You can also use Preview In Browser button before download.

Download window

After you click the Download button system will need some time to generate the file for translation. As soon as the translation files are generated for download, you will see the active Download button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click it to finalize the download process.

Final Download

By default, downloaded ZIP archive contains separate folders for each language. These folders have names with corresponding language codes. Use file export settings to change the structure of ZIP archive if needed.

Fájl fordításának letöltése

To download the translation of the specific file, you need to:

  1. Go to the Project Home window.
  2. Choose the language.
  3. Click on the necessary file to open it in the Editor.
  4. Click the Menu icon in the top left corner.
  5. Choose Download or Download in XLIFF (recommended for offline translations).

File Download

You can allow translators to download the files. For this go to the Project Settings and enable files download under Translations section.

Allow Download

You may apply API, Сonsole Сlient (CLI), GitLab, GitHub or Bitbucket integrations to automate translations download.

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