You can view and manage settings for your Crowdin Enterprise organization using the Organization Settings page.

Manage organization info, security and authentication settings, check billing history and connect apps through API. You can also switch to Permissions Granularity mode to manage settings for each project group separately.

Note: Only owner and admins of the Organization can access the Organization Settings page.

To configure organization details click your profile photo and choose Organization settings. Organisationseinstellungen

Organization Info

Update the main organization details including Name, Logo, and Description.

In the Public organization section, you can add a public description, select the preferred project view, and select featured projects.

These details will be visible on the public page of your organization. Public page is automatically created as soon as you add your first Crowdsourcing project.

If you are a Vendor your organization info will be visible to your Clients and you will also see their organization info.

Configure a Custom domain to publish your Crowdin Enterprise organization on your own domain. Use a custom domain for Crowdin Enterprise organization if you have Crowdsourcing projects. It can help to attract more contributors to get involved in translations of your projects. To get access to the custom domain name, you need to create a CNAME with your DNS provider. The CNAME must be pointed to


Security Options

Сonfigure advanced security settings such as Password Recovery and Two-factor authentication.

Authentication Methods

Manage authentication through external services. Use single sign-on (SSO) to authenticate organization users externally. You may enable Open ID Connect or SAML authentication so that users won’t need to create separate Crowdin Enterprise accounts.


Check your current plan and upgrade/downgrade if necessary. You are also able to review payment history and download the invoices.

Read more about Payments and Invoices, Changing Subscription Plan, App Subscriptions, and Billing Settings.


Manage your organization’s currently installed Crowdin Apps. You can also install Crowdin Apps developed by Crowdin and other developers from the Crowdin Store or manually install a Crowdin App of your own development.

Custom QA checks

Create custom QA checks from scratch or add existing ones from the Crowdin Store, which you can assign to preferred projects.

Read more about Custom QA Checks.


Create organization webhooks to be notified about events in your organization. You can create webhooks for the following event types:

  • Group created
  • Group deleted
  • Project created
  • Project deleted

Benutzerdefinierte Sprachen

Add custom language in case one of your target languages is missing in the list of supported languages. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Add Language in the upper-right corner.
  2. Specify a language name and choose the main language in case custom language is a dialect.
  3. Define and fill in language codes.
  4. Set text direction and select plural form.
  5. Click Create.

Custom language codes will then be automatically added to corresponding language placeholders whenever used. You can also create custom codes for your custom languages using Language Mapping.


Create the Fields to add additional helpful information, links, or data to various entities like your projects, user accounts, tasks, and more.

Read more about Fields.

Benutzerdefinierte Variablen

Create custom placeholders using supported Expression Syntax Elements, which you can assign to preferred projects.

Read more about Custom Placeholders.

Permissions Granularity

Enable Permissions Granularity Mode to manage project groups as separate units inside one Crowdin Enterprise account. You can then add projects to specific groups or subgroups. This mode allows working with workflow templates, translation memories, glossaries, and machine translations for each project group separately. When you assign group managers they will have access to all project resources except Settings and Managers tabs.


Connect OAuth applications through Crowdin Enterprise API. You can build custom integrations and give them access to use your account.

Read more about creating OAuth App.


Track important events that happen on the organizational level. Security log includes events such as logins, passwords, usernames, and email changes, etc. Security log includes events such as logins, passwords, usernames, and email changes, etc. Click on the needed event to see the following details: Event type, Location, IP, Device, and Date. Use filters to find a specific event or export data.

View information about Crowdin’s policies, terms of service, and compliance standards, as well as Crowdin’s commitment to data security and privacy.

Delete Organization

You may remove your organization from Crowdin Enterprise. You’ll be able to export some organizational data as well as Invoices before deletion.

Note! If you delete organization you won't be able to restore it.

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