Erweiterte Projekteinrichtung

Sie können die Projekteinstellungen nach Ihren Wünschen konfigurieren. Gehen Sie dafür in den -Tab.


  • Öffentlich - jeder Benutzer kann nach dem Projekt suchen und diesem beitreten.
  • Privat - Projekte können nicht über Suchmaschinen oder die Crowdin Suche gefunden werden, nur eingeladene Benutzer können dem Projekt beitreten.

Languages Access Policy

If the option Limited Access to the Languages is active, translators should send requests to join the translation team of the preferred language. After the review, a project manager or proofreader can approve/decline the request.


While exporting translations, by default, Crowdin uses source texts for the untranslated strings.

  • Skip Untranslated Strings option will exclude strings without translations from the exported file.
  • Export Only Approved Translations means that your translated files will contain only the strings that were reviewed by a proofreader.
  • Automatically Fill in the Regional Dialects option is useful when the project is translated into the language dialects (e.g. Portuguese, Brazilian). Translations from Portuguese will be automatically copied to untranslated strings in Portuguese, Brazilian during the download.

Duplicate Strings

In case your project contains duplicated strings, you can choose how the system should treat them:

  • Show – duplicated strings won’t be hidden; translators should translate each string manually.
  • Show, but auto-translate them – duplicated strings won’t be hidden, though they will be automatically translated. Once the string is translated, its translation is automatically shared between the duplicates. Translators may review and re-translate those strings if necessary.
  • Show (recommended for versions) – duplicates are hidden only across the version branches, so only the new strings will be visible to the translators in the latest branch.
  • Hide – duplicated strings won’t be displayed for the translators on the translation page. One-time translation is required, translation of the phrase/word will be automatically applied to its duplicates during export.


Translation Memory is automatically enabled for each project. Which means that the approved or the latest translation for each string is stored under the TM & MT tab.

  • Enable Auto-Substitution – the feature substitutes the non-translatable elements (such as tags, HTML entities, placeholders, numbers and more) in translations suggested by TM by the ones used in the source text. Improves TM suggestions applied during pre-translation and the ones shown as translation suggestions in the Editor. Improved suggestions are included in the Translation Costs report and the ones that can be improved are included in the Costs Estimation report.
  • Use the global Translation Memory – translators will have access to the Global Translation Memory, where all translations from the projects with this feature enabled are stored.
    Note: once this option is enabled translations made in this project will be also added to the Global Translation Memory, that anyone at Crowdin can have access to.


  • Notify translators about new strings – translators will receive an email notification about newly added content for translation each time after the update. The Receive emails option should be activated in the translator’s profile.
  • Notify project managers about new strings – project managers will receive an email notification about newly added content for translation each time after the update.
  • Notify project managers about language translation/validation completion – project managers will receive the notification when some target language (all source files) is fully translated or fully validated.


When the Show Machine Translation Suggestions option is checked, machine translation engines such as Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, and Yandex.Translate will be displayed in the editor. The project owner should configure machine translation engines before using them.

Benutzerdefinierte Domain

This option allows you to publish your Crowdin project on your own domain name.

To set up a custom domain:

  1. Create a necessary domain in the domain name registrar.
  2. Create CNAME record for this domain name that will be pointed to
  3. Go to the Crowdin Project Settings, enter the created domain name into the Custom Domain field.

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