Migrating to Crowdin

Crowdin provides team cooperation features (e.g., inviting project members, defining permission levels, tasks, messages, etc.), workflow automation, integrations and plugins, and many more features you would need for efficient project localization.

For at starte migrationen, kan flg. trin-for-trin instruktioner følges.

In Your Previous Translation Tool

  • Download source files
    In most cases, you’ll have them on your machine/server, so this step is optional.

  • Download translations
    Download all the latest translations you have at the moment of transition.

  • Download TM and Glossary
    Download the translation memory and glossary so your translators could reuse them in your Crowdin project.

In Crowdin

  • Sign up and create your localization project
    Sign up or log in if you already have your Crowdin account and create a project to which you’ll migrate your data.

  • Upload source files
    There are a couple of ways you can upload your source files to the Crowdin project. Use one of the following options:

    If you work with a source file format that is not listed on the Supported Formats article, we can develop a custom pre-/post-processors for you. Feel free to contact our Support team with an inquiry.

  • Upload Eksisterende Oversættelser
    Upload eksisterende oversættelser for at sikre, at tidligere arbejde ikke går tabt, men at man fortsætter fra dét punkt, hvor overgangen blev udført. If you plan to use integrations with GitHub, GitLab, or other services, your existing translations could be uploaded in an automated way.

Read more about Uploading Translations from Repo.

  • Upload TM and Glossary
    If you have Translation Memory (TM) and Glossary from your previous translation tool, feel free to upload them to your Crowdin project. Disse lokaliseringsressourcer kan i høj grad hjælpe oversættere under oversættelsesprocessen og sikre oversættelser af høj kvalitet.

Assistance from our team

Bed behov for hjælp under migrationsprocessen, står supportteamet klar til at hjælpe med ethvert trin. Supporten support@crowdin.com kan altid kontaktes for enhver vejledning.

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