Downloading Translations (String-based)

You can download translations from your string-based Crowdin project using and combining various options listed below:

Note: Translations will be downloaded according to the export settings configured in the project's Settings > Export.

Target File Bundles

The Target File Bundles section allows you to manage bundles for exporting sets of strings in one of the selected formats.

Read more about configuring bundles.


Over-The-Air Content Delivery

The Over-The-Air Content Delivery section allows you to set up and manage instant translation delivery to your mobile (iOS, Android), server, web, or desktop apps via CDN.

Read more about Content Delivery.


Preview Translations

To preview translations for a whole project, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to the Download tab.
  2. Choose one of the available options in the Preview translations section:
  • CSV – download all project translations in a single CSV file.
  • XLSX – download all project translations in a single XLSX file.
  • Preview in Browser – preview all project translations in a convenient table view.

Preview Translations

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