Opret et projekt først for at kunne uploade indhold til lokalisering.

Project Types

Crowdin offers flexibility in the way you structure and manage your localization projects. There are two main project types:

  • File-based project
  • String-based project

File-based Project

The file-based project in Crowdin revolves around uploading source files containing translatable content. This project type is well-suited for scenarios with well-defined source files, such as Android XML, iOS Strings, JSON, and more. It allows for precise mapping between source and translation files, making it a preferred choice for many localization workflows.

String-based Project

In string-based projects, the focus is on managing translatable content as individual strings rather than source files. In this project type, after uploading source files, Crowdin parses them into source strings. Unlike file-based projects, source files aren’t stored, and the emphasis is on managing the content at the string level. This approach is beneficial when dealing with projects that involve continuous content updates, dynamic content, or where a string-oriented structure is preferred.


Følg disse trin for at oprette et projekt:

  1. Log ind p Crowdin-kontoen eller tilmeld for at oprette én.
  2. Klik på Opret Projekt. Opret projekt
  3. Navngiv projektet.
  4. Tilpas om ønsket projektadressen.
    Note: The project address can't be changed once the project is created.
  5. Vælg foretrukne projektsynlighed. Der kan vælges mellem Offentligt projekt (synligt for alle) eller Privat projekt (kun synligt for de inviterede deltagere). For a public project, you can enable Moderated project joining in your project Settings tab and restrict the possibility of translating for users until you confirm their join requests. Private projekter kan ikke søges via søgemaskiner eller i Crowdin. Projektsynlighed
  6. Select String-based project if you want to manage your translatable content as individual strings. Otherwise, keep this option cleared to manage your translatable content as source files.
    Note: The project type can't be changed once the project is created.
  7. Vælg projektets kilde- og målsprog. The source language is the language you’re translating from, and the target languages are the ones you’re translating into.

    Målsprog kan vælges manuelt eller via Præudfyld ved at kopiere målsprog fra et andet projekt under kontoen eller ved at bruge de 30 top sprog. If you’d like to translate your project into target languages not officially supported, you can still add them as custom languages.

    Read more about Copying Target Languages and Adding Custom Languages. Project Languages

  8. Klik på Opret Projekt.

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