Atividade do Projeto

The Activity tab lets you track all main events that happen in the project. For good readability, activity records are grouped by days, users, and activity types.

Filtrar registros de atividade

By default, the project Activity tab displays activity records for all activity types, all project languages, all users, and all time (newest activities first).

Você pode filtrar registros de atividades pelos seguintes tipos de atividades:

  • Todas as atividades – Exibir todos os registros de atividade.
  • Construir projeto – Exibir registros sobre compilações de projeto.
  • Atualizações de configurações de projeto – Mostrar registros sobre as configurações do projeto (por exemplo, idiomas de destino atualizados, configurações de exportação atualizadas, etc.)
  • Atualizações de texto de origem – Exibir registros sobre uploads de arquivos fontes, atualizações e remoções, atualizações de textos fonte e contexto, etc.
  • Atividade de tradução – Mostrar registros sobre as traduções, votos e aprovações adicionadas e removidas.
  • Comentários e problemas – Exibir registros sobre os comentários adicionados, problemas criados e resolvidos.

You can also filter activity records by a specific language or all languages, a specific user or all users, and the desired time period (e.g., Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, All time, and Custom Range).

Filtrar registros de atividade

Undo Activity Records

If some unwanted actions (e.g., wrong translations upload, mistaken source file deletion, etc.) happen in the project, the project owner and managers can cancel them in the Activity tab by clicking UNDO next to the respective activity record. Proofreaders and translators can only cancel their own actions.

Since activity records are grouped by types, you can either undo a whole group of activities or click Details and undo only some of them.

Undo Activity Records

Ver arquivos atualizados de diferenças

For updated project files, besides the number of added, deleted, and updated strings, you can view the actual strings added, deleted, or updated during the source file update and word quantity contained in the strings. To view the detailed diff for the file update, click Diff next to the needed activity record.

For grouped project file update records, click Details to see all updated files in the group and then click Diff next to the needed file.

View File Diffs

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