You can view and manage settings for your Crowdin account using the Account Settings page.

To open your Account Settings, click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner and select Settings.


In the Profile tab, you can set a profile picture, specify (and update when needed) general information like your full name, username, email address, and gender, add a brief description about yourself, select your timezone and time format, specify preferred languages, etc.

Foretrukne sprog

In the Preferred languages section, select the languages you know. Selected languages will have priority while displaying the projects’ target languages list.

Foretrukne sprog

Appearance Theme

Select the preferred Crowdin color theme. You can choose between Light and Dark or sync it with your system settings.

Color Theme

Private Profile

Set up Private Profile to hide Projects and Activity tabs from other users visiting your page.

This profile is private

To make your profile private, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Account Settings and go to the Profile tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Privacy section.
  3. Vælg Privat Profil.

Hide Projects and Activity tabs

Migrering til Enterprise

You can migrate your Crowdin projects, Translation Memories, and Glossaries to a new or existing Crowdin Enterprise organization.

Read more about Migration to Crowdin Enterprise.

Migrering til Enterprise

Removing Account

For security reasons, we cannot delete an account on behalf of the user. You must have access to your Crowdin account to be able to delete it.

To delete your account, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Account Settings and go to the Profile tab.
  2. Scroll down to the Remove Account section.
  3. Klik på Fjern konto.

Remove Account

Once you remove your account, your projects and account settings are permanently removed and not recoverable. However, your translations, comments, terms, and votes will be preserved and appear as added by a Removed User.


In the Notifications tab, you can enable notifications you’d like to receive and disable the ones that require less attention. You can select the types of events in Crowdin, channels to receive updates, and set notification rules for particular projects.

Channels & Events

There are four channels Crowdin can send notifications to:

  • In-App (Crowdin)
  • E-mail
  • Slack
  • Custom

You can enable the desired channel by selecting the checkbox under the channel’s name, either In-App, Email, Slack, or Custom. Customize notifications for each of the channels. Select the checkboxes next to the events you’d like to be notified of.

notification events

Slack Notifications

To select Slack as a notification channel, set up Slack integration. First, click Connect Slack and authorize the connection with Crowdin on the Slack side. After the simple setup, you’ll be able to select notifications to get via Slack.

tilslut slack

Default Notifications

By default, Crowdin will send you updates on the new events happening in Crowdin via email and notify you in the app. You can change notification settings anytime.

Disable Notifications

To disable notifications, clear the checkbox next to the notification type. You can also clear the checkbox under the channel’s name to disable all notification types. Once all the boxes below are disabled, you won’t receive notifications via this channel.

disable notifications

Notification Rules for Projects

You can also configure notification preferences on the project level:

Global: Notifications selected for global settings.

Mentions only: Only when @mentioned.

Mute project: Turn off notifications.

project notifications

Adgangskode og Forbindelser

In the Password & Connections tab, you can change your password, set up the two-factor authentication, set up OAuth connections with Facebook, Google, or any other single sign-on providers, and see the sessions list.

Changing Password

In the Password section, you can change your current password.

Changing Password

If you registered via Facebook, Google, or any other single sign-on provider, add another way to log in by creating a password for your Crowdin account.

Creating Password

Two-Factor Authentication

Activate Two-factor authentication to ensure an additional level of security for your Crowdin account. Every time you log in, along with your username and password, you will use an authentication code.

To enable Two-factor authentication, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Account Settings and go to the Password & Connections tab.
  2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication. Two-factor authentication
  3. Using the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device, scan the QR code on the screen.
  4. Enter the 6-digit verification code generated by your authenticator app, then click Next. Authenticator app
  5. Download recovery codes, so you can use them if you can’t access your mobile device. Download recovery codes

OAuth Connections

In the OAuth Connections section, you can connect your Facebook, Google, Twitter, GitHub, or GitLab accounts to log into your Crowdin account with one click.

OAuth Connections


In the Sessions section, you can review the list of devices (including the location, last activity date, IP address, browser, and operation system) logged into your Crowdin account.

If there are any sessions you don’t recognize, you can revoke them by clicking Revoke on the specific session. Alternatively, you can revoke all but the active session by clicking Revoke All.



Personlige Adgangstegn

In the API tab, you can generate personal access tokens needed for authorization while working with Crowdin API v2. Behandl personlige adgangstokens som adgangskoder og hold dem hemmelige. Brug tokens som miljøvariabler i stedet for at indkode dem ind i scripts.

Oprettelse af et Personligt Adgangstoken

When creating a new personal access token, you can select specific scopes and, if needed, limit the visibility of resources for the selected scopes using the Granular access option. For example, you can create a token that should interact only with a specific project and have no access to others. As a result, only the selected projects will be gained when retrieving a list of all projects.

If a resource wasn’t selected during the personal access token creation, but you still try to access it with its ID, the 404 Not Found response will be received.

You can create as many personal access tokens as you need from your Crowdin account.

To create a new personal access token, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Account Settings and go to the API tab.
  2. Click New Token. New Token
  3. In the appeared dialog, specify the token name to be able to identify it later.
  4. Select the necessary set of scopes.
  5. (Optional) To limit access to specific resources, select Granular access.
    Note: If Granular access is selected, ensure to select some resources for the selected scopes.
  6. Depending on the selected scopes, select Grant access to selected projects, Grant access to selected TMs, and Grant access to selected Glossaries.
  7. Click Select projects, Select glossaries, Select TMs, and respectively select the needed resources. Granular Access
  8. Klik på Opret.

After generating a new token, be sure to record it right away. For security purposes, it will not be shown again.

Tilbagekaldelse af et Personligt Adgangstoken

You might need to revoke a personal access token if you no longer use it or suspect it has been compromised.

To revoke a personal access token, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Account Settings and go to the API tab.
  2. Find the necessary token in the list and click Revoke next to it to delete a personal access token and remove its access. Revoke Token


In the OAuth Applications tab, you can create an OAuth app that could be used to make authorized requests to Crowdin API or as a Single Sign-On service.

Read more about creating OAuth App.

OAuth Applications tab


In the Beta Features tab, you can select the Enable beta features option to test new experimental features.



The Security Log tab lets you track important events (including event type, used device, IP address, and date) that happen with your Crowdin account.

Security log includes events like logins, password and username changes, and others.



Crowdin asks you to confirm your password before you can perform any of the sudo-protected actions. They include creating/changing your password and email, connecting/disconnecting SSO, enabling/disabling two-factor authentication, creating personal access tokens, and deleting your account.

After you’ve confirmed your password, you can perform the sudo-protected actions without additional re-authentication within the next five minutes.

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