Formati File supportati

Crowdin Enterprise supports a wide range of localization formats, including but not limited to files for mobile, software, documents, subtitles, and graphic assets.

Localization Formats and Documents

  • Mobile application formats
  • Web and desktop software formats
  • Documentation and video subtitles


Formati File supportati

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Graphics and Assets

Localize images associated with your product to improve your product’s user experience.

  1. Carica le grafiche su Crowdin Impresa.
  2. Aggiungi tutte le note necessarie perché un traduttore capisca come dovrebbero essere gestite tali grafiche.
  3. Attendi che i traduttori carichino file localizzati.
  4. Scarica le grafiche localizzate ed usale in produzione.

Converted File Formats

On import, some file formats are automatically converted into other formats to be further parsed and processed. You can see the list of the initial file formats and the file formats they’re being converted into in the table below.

Formato iniziale del file Formato del file convertito

Custom Services

Formati File Personalizzati

File formats that are not officially supported will be recognized as plain text files (if they contain text) or as graphic assets.

Our team can add special code to support your original file formats and ensure that translators see only translatable text rather than the entire file content. This approach allows you to manage custom file formats more effectively.

Contact our support team at to start working with custom file formats in your project.

Alternatively, you can implement support for a custom format yourself by developing a Crowdin app incorporating the Custom File Format module.

Esportazione File Personalizzato

By default, we export the translations in the same format as the source files. For example, if you upload an XML file to Crowdin Enterprise, you’ll have the XML file exported.
Our developers can create a special processor if you want to configure custom settings for your file export.
Our developers can create a special processor if you want to configure custom settings for your file export. You upload a key-value file that doesn’t support string editing by default and want to modify it directly in Crowdin Enterprise. The exported file will remain in the original format.

Contact our support team at, and we’ll gladly help you set custom export options based on your needs.

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