Asset Localization

Store all the localization content under the same roof and get the complete project localization.

The graphic localization feature is developed to simplify the localization process for images, logos and other non-textual materials that belong to the app. Any type of content/graphic localization: no matter what assets you plan to localize, Crowdin provides you with a tool for process organization.

All formats that aren’t supported by Crowdin will be uploaded as assets.

Flusso di Lavoro Comune

  1. Upload the graphics to your Crowdin project.
  2. Add all necessary references and context for translators.
  3. Allow translators to download and localize graphics offline and upload translated versions back to Crowdin.

Note Tipiche Risorse

  • Adobe Photoshop PSD file (an editable source file that translators can modify according to the localization requirements).
  • Font files since some assets may use custom fonts.
  • Style guide (is shown in the editor as a context or additional downloadable file).
  • Manual/instruction that guides through the localization process step by step.

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