Jira 集成

Integration with Atlassian Jira allows you to keep track of source string and translation issues reported by users working on the project translation in Crowdin.

Note: You will need to install the Jira Software integration in your Crowdin account before you can set it up and use it.

With current integration, the following issue types reported in Crowdin are supported for the Jira dashboard:

  • 一般问题
  • 缺少语境信息
  • 当前译文有误
  • 源字符串有误

Each synchronized issue type will have the parent task in Jira named after it. Each issue reported in Crowdin will create a sub-task in the corresponding parent task in Jira.

Note: The integration disables email notifications for project issues in Crowdin that are synchronized with Jira.

Once all reported issues have been resolved and their respective sub-tasks closed in Jira, you can also close their parent Jira task representing one of the Crowdin issue types. As translators report new issues in the Crowdin project, the Jira integration will create new parent Jira task with its corresponding sub-tasks for each issue in the Crowdin project.

在 Jira 中显示的 Crowdin 问题

将 Jira 项目链接至 Crowdin

To connect Jira with your project in Crowdin, follow these steps:

  1. 打开您的项目并转到集成选项卡。
  2. Click on Jira Software in the Integrations list.
  3. Enter the Base URL of your Jira project and click Set Up Integration. Base URL You’ll then access the Providing Access to Your Jira Project dialog.
  4. Configure an Application Link in Jira:
    Note: Only project administrators can set up Application Links.
    1. Log in to Jira as a user with Jira Administrator permissions.
    2. Go to Jira settings > Products > Application Links.
    3. Enter your Crowdin URL and click Create new link. Jira administration Due to Jira functionality, it sometimes does not receive the response from the entered URL. If you see the message below, check the provided URL to be correct and click Continue. Application Links
    4. Fill in all the required fields in dialog windows and click Continue to finish configuring the link:
      • Application name: Crowdin Integration
      • Application type: Generic Application
      • Select Create incoming link and click Continue Create a link
      • Consumer Key: Crowdin
      • Consumer Name: Crowdin
      • Public Key: copy it from the Providing Access to Your Jira Project dialog in Crowdin Link applications
        Click Continue to finalize the Application Link setup.
  5. Go back to Crowdin and click Next in the Providing Access to Your Jira Project dialog. Providing Access to Your Jira Project
  6. Allow read and write access to project data in Jira. Crowdin will use this access to help the integration run correctly. Allow access
  7. Choose the Jira project key, select types, and configure settings of Crowdin issues that you’d like to be synchronized with your Jira project. Jira issue settings available are:
    • 类型
    • 优先级
    • Assignee
    • 标签(可选)
    • Status – used to select the Jira status value that will trigger the closure of a related string issue in the Crowdin project.
    Note: The status values that you can select are taken only from the Done status category in Jira (including Done, Closed, etc.).
  8. 单击 保存Jira Settings


Once you set up the integration, you can synchronize already existing issues in Crowdin (if any). A short message would tell you how many issues aren’t synchronized yet. To synchronize them, click Sync Issues. 同步问题

管理 Jira 集成设置

要更改集成设置,请点击 设置 并应用必要的更改。 更新的设置将仅应用于新同步的问题。 先前同步的所有问题将不会有任何变化。

注意: 如果您更改了 Jira 项目密钥, 已经同步的问题将仍然是 Jira 的子任务,但不会在 Crowdin 中自动解决。



若要删除集成,请点击 删除集成

Note: All synchronized issues will remain as sub-tasks in Jira but won’t be resolved in Crowdin automatically.