XML File Configuration

The XML files, similar to CSV and XLSX files, require additional configuration after uploading to the project so the system could import the content of these files.

To configure XML files, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to Sources > Files.
  2. Click Configure next to the file to open the configuration window.
  3. Select which content should be translated and click Save & Import to proceed.

Configure XML File

Configuration Options for XML Files

When configuring XML files, you’ll have the following options: Basic Configuration and Advanced Configuration. Additionally, you can use the Content Segmentation, which is available for both configuration options.

Базова конфігурація

Basic Configuration allows you to select all nodes and/or all attributes to be available for translation.

XML Basic Configuration

Розширена конфігурація

Advanced Configuration allows you to select the specific nodes and specific attributes to be available for translation.

XML Advanced Configuration

The file structure is depicted with the help of icons:

  • Node – Елемент
  • Атрибут – Атрибут

Сегментація контенту

Ви можете використовувати Сегментацію вмісту, щоб розділити вміст вихідного файлу на коротші частини тексту, переважно речення та короткі абзаци. This is helpful when translating content units consisting of several sentences because it will be easier to translate smaller pieces of text. Segmentation Rules eXchange (SRX) are used for automatic content segmentation.

Note: When Content segmentation is enabled, the translation upload is handled by an experimental machine learning technology.

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