Створення проекту

To be able to upload your content for localization, create a project first.

To create a project, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Crowdin account or sign up to create one.
  2. Натисніть Створити проект. Створити проект
  3. Name your project.
  4. Customize your project address if needed.
    Note: The project address can't be changed after the project was created.
  5. Select the preferred project visibility. You can choose between a Public project (visible to anyone) or a Private project (visible only to the invited project members). For a public project, you can still restrict the possibility of translating for users until you confirm their join requests. Private projects can’t be found via search engines and Crowdin search. Доступність проекту
  6. Оберіть вихідну і цільові мови вашого проекту. The source language is the language you’re translating from, and target languages are the ones you’re translating into.

    You can select target languages manually or via Pre-fill by copying target languages from another project under your account or using the top 30 languages. If you’d like to translate your project into target languages that are not officially supported at the moment, you can still add them as custom languages.

    Read more about Copying Target Languages and Adding Custom Languages. Project Languages

    Note: The source language can't be changed after the project was created.
  7. Натисніть Створити проект.

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