Присоединение к проекту перевода

There are multiple methods you can use to join a localization project in Crowdin.

If you already know the project name you’d like to join, you can use a Search projects field in the head menu on your profile page. Just type the project name in the Search projects field, and the system will show you a few of the top results.

Search Projects Field

Press Enter to see more results that match your search query. This way, you’ll be redirected to the Advanced Search, where you also can use search filters like Source language, Translated into, and others to specify the desired scope of projects you’re looking for.

Note: Only public projects can be found this way.

Advanced Search

From the Advanced Search, you can switch to the Showcases page, where you can find project categories filled with popular projects. Scroll down to see the Popular This Month project list.

Посмотреть публичные проекты

Joining a Project via Invitation

Another way to join a project in Crowdin is to use the invitation provided by the project owner or manager. It could be an email invitation like the following:

Invitation Email

Alternatively, it could be a sharable link that might look similar to the following: https://crowdin.com/project/umbrella-ios/invite

Click the Get Involved label in the email invitation or open the sharable link in a browser. As a result, you’ll be redirected to the project page in Crowdin. If you were logged into your Crowdin profile beforehand, you’d automatically join the project, or if not, you’d be asked to either sign up or log in.

Joined Project in Crowdin

Начало перевода

To start translating the project, you’d like to participate in, follow these steps:

  1. Open a project page and select the target language. By default, the list of target languages starts with the ones you configured in the profile settings. Страница проекта
  2. Откройте один из файлов или нажмите Перевести все. Read more about Online Editor. Project Language Page

Some projects require a join request to be approved before you can start translating. Чтобы отправить запрос, нажмите Присоединиться. In the appeared dialog, add some details on why you want to participate in that particular project. Project Language Page Join Request

Связь с руководителем проекта

If the project you’d like to join doesn’t contain your preferred target language or you have some questions related to its content, or you’d like to be promoted to a proofreader role, you can contact the project manager.

On the project page and click Contact next to the manager’s name. Contact Manager

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