Professionelle Übersetzungen bestellen

Crowdin provides localization services as a Crowdin Language Services vendor and cooperates with several other professional translation agencies that offer such services to Crowdin customers.

Some of them, like BLEND, Gengo, and Translated, are integrated with Crowdin via API, so the translation ordering becomes fully automated. When you decide to buy the translations from them, Crowdin forwards your untranslated data directly to the agency. After the translation is completed, it is uploaded back to the project. In the end, the only thing that you should do is to download the completed translations from the project.

By selecting any other vendor from the list, you contact a real person who can be assigned to a project as a proofreader or project manager. They handle the process for you: involve the translators, maintain the quality, monitor the progress, and meet the deadlines.

Professional translation is a paid service, where the approximate cost for your project is calculated or negotiated in the process of purchasing.

Automated Translations Ordering

You can order the translation from BLEND, Gengo, and Translated in a few clicks. Check out the detailed instructions below.

Connecting BLEND and Gengo with Crowdin

Before ordering translations from BLEND and Gengo, you need to have a Customer account on their platforms and sufficient balance.

Register at BLEND and Gengo if you don’t have an account yet.

To establish the connection between your customer account and your Crowdin account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Crowdin.
  2. Open Resources and select Vendors.
  3. Select BLEND or Gengo.
  4. Click Connect Account. Connect BLEND
  5. Enter Public Key and Secret Key from the BLEND API keys tab or the Gengo API settings. Click Submit Keys. Connect BLEND

Creating Translation Tasks

To send the localization content to BLEND, Gengo, or Translated, you need to create tasks in the Crowdin project. Follow these step-by-step instructions for task creation:

  1. Click Create Task using the project’s Tasks tab or straight from the vendor page using the Vendors tab in the project owner Resources. Make sure to select the project from the drop-down list when creating a task via Resources > Vendors.

    Note: Project managers can create tasks for vendors only using the project's Tasks tab.

Create Task

  1. Set the task parameters:
    • Task Name – specify the name of the task that will be visible for translators
    • Description (optional) – add more details about the task that might be useful for translators
    • Type – select Translate by vendor
    • Translation Vendor – select BLEND, Gengo or Translated
    • Expertise – define the expertise that best suits your project

    • Subject – define the subject that best suits your content (Specific to Translated)

    • Tone – define the preferred tone of translations (Specific to Gengo)
    • Purpose – define where the translations are intended to be used (Specific to Gengo)
    • Comment (optional) – provide the instructions for translators (Specific to Gengo)
    • Include edit service – select this option if you’d like your translations to go through the additional review (Specific to Gengo)
    • Use preferred translators – select this option if you’d like to give the priority for the translation order to your preferred translator (Specific to Gengo)

    • Strings – define if all untranslated strings should be available for translation or only those that were modified within a specific period
    • Filter by labels – define needed labels if you’d like to send for translation only some specific set of strings
    • Files – select the files that should be translated
    • Languages – select translation languages (a separate task will be created for each selected language)
  2. Click Create Task or Pay Now (depending on the vendor) to complete the translation order.


When the task is created, it’s automatically sent to the selected vendor. As soon as translation starts, the related task in Crowdin will automatically change the status to In Progress. And when the translations are finished, the task will gain Done status in Crowdin.

Ordering Translations With a Dedicated Manager

The dedicated project manager will manage the translation process for you (involve translators, meet the deadlines, and maintain quality).

To start working with a vendor:

  1. Log in to Crowdin.
  2. Open Resources and select Vendors.
  3. Click View all vendors to open the full list.
  4. Select the preferred vendor.
  5. Click Get Quote.
  6. Select a project you’d like to translate.
  7. Specify the target languages.
  8. Set the due date.
  9. In the Message section, specify which services you plan to get: source text review, linguistic testing, localization assistance, etc.
  10. Select the type of project access for the vendor.
  11. Click Send Request.

You will receive a reply to the request as a private message in Crowdin.

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