Professionelle Übersetzungen bestellen

Crowdin cooperates with several professional translation agencies. All the translators are certified linguists and native speakers, who are tutored to work in Crowdin.

Some of them, like Gengo and Translated, are integrated with Crowdin via API, so the process of ordering the translations becomes fully automated. When you choose to buy the translations from them, Crowdin forwards your untranslated data directly to the agency and after the translation is completed, it is uploaded back to the project. In the end, the only thing that you should do is to download the completed translations from the project.

By choosing any other vendor from the list, you contact a real person, who is assigned to a project as a project manager. They handle the process for you: involve the translators, maintain the quality, monitor the progress, and meet the deadlines.

Professional translation is a paid service, where the approximate cost for your project is calculated or negotiated in the process of purchasing.

Automated Translations Ordering

You can order the translation from Gengo and Translated in a few clicks. For this:

  1. Go to the Project Settings, Vendors tab
  2. Choose the vendor (marked with a gear sign)
  3. Click Start or Check Progress
  4. Choose the target languages
  5. Choose files for translation (only untranslated strings will be sent to the vendor)
  6. Choose the expertise type or translation quality level (depending on the vendor). The price will be automatically estimated in the Order Details section.
  7. Click Order or Pay Now (depending on the vendor)

Gengo requires filling in the API key, which you can get on your Gengo account. Sign up for Gengo if you are a new customer or just log in if you already have an account.

To order the translation from Translated, click the Pay Now button to navigate to the PayPal purchasing page where the order can be completed.

The status of your order can always be monitored via Crowdin. They can be as following:

  • Pending – is set to the selected languages right after the user clicks the Order button. If this status is active longer than 10 minutes, the possible solutions can be offered:
    • Click the Order button again, log in or sign up the vendor account or make sure your PayPal is available for the payment
    • Refill your balance to complete the order
  • In Progress – the source files are successfully passed on to the vendor. You will receive the notification as soon as the translation is completed.
  • Completed – the translations are done. It’s possible to see them in the Editor in Crowdin. Those translations will be included in the exported files.

Ordering Translations With a Dedicated Manager

The dedicated project manager will manage the translation process for you (involve translators, meet the deadlines and maintain quality). To start working with a vendor:

  1. Go to the Project Settings, Vendors tab
  2. Choose the vendor
  3. Click Get Quote
  4. Choose the target languages
  5. Indicate all of the options you’re intended to get: source text review, linguistic testing, need localization assistance etc. in the Request for proposal field
  6. Select the type of project access for the vendor
  7. Click Send Request

You will receive a reply for request as a private message in Crowdin.

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