Crowdins Wortzähler

Below are the principles due to which Crowdin Enterprise counts words:

  • A word is a combination of letters, punctuation marks and/or special characters (e.g.:@ # $ % ^ & * – _ ` ‘ “) followed by space.
  • Der Zusammenhang von Satzzeichen oder Sonderzeichen wird nicht als Wort gezählt.
  • By default, HTML tags are considered as separate words for most of the formats, except the following ones: HTML, Front Matter HTML, HAML, MD, Front Matter MD, XML, WEBXML, IDML, XLIFF, XLIFF 2.0, ADOC, DOCX, MIF, DITA. You can change the default word count settings in the Project settings. Read more about Word count settings.
  • URLs (e.g.: and emails (e.g.: are considered as one word.
  • Hieroglyphs in Chinese, Japanese, and other hieroglyphic languages are counted as one word/hieroglyph. For example, “ライフ・イン・トウキョウ。” is counted as ten words.

Andere Beispiele, wie Wörter gezählt werden:

Zeichenkette Wörter
Number is -123.45 3
<a href=”{0}” target=”_parent”>here</a> 1 / 7 (if non-HTML-based format is used)
{0} – {1} bei {2} 4
zwei-in-eins 1
2-in-eins 1
zwei-in-1 1
%file_type% 1
hallo?Welt 1
hallo ? world 2
☂ ☃ ☀⚤ 0
© %company% 1
01.01.1980 3
Montag, 8. August 2011 4 1
Los gehtʼs 2
Los geht's 3 (eine andere Art von Apostroph wurde verwendet)
Word(s) 2

Translatable HTML Attributes

When working with the HTML-based file formats, depending on the file structure, some HTML attribute values may be considered translatable while others not. You can see the list of attributes and situations when their values are considered translatable in the table below.

Attribut Details Beispiel
title translatable if contained in any HTML tag <p title="value">Text</p>
src translatable if contained in img, iframe, embed, video, audio, source*, track* tags
* – if nested in the parent tags video, audio
<audio src="sound.ogg" controls>Text</audio>
href translatable if contained in a tag <a href="">Site name</a>
data translatable if contained in object tag <object data="image.jpg"></object>
wert translatable if contained in input, button tags <input value="Text">
placeholder translatable if contained in input, textarea tags <textarea placeholder="Enter some text here..."></textarea>
alt translatable if contained in img tag <img src="image.jpg" alt="Image">
label translatable if contained in optgroup, track* tags
* – if nested in the parent tags video, audio
<optgroup label="Text">
funktion translatable if contained in meta tag <meta name="description" content="Text">

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