Custom Quality Assurance Checks

The custom quality assurance (QA) checks is the feature that helps efficiently handle language-specific aspects such as punctuation, numbers, and regular expressions to ensure more accurate QA check results and high-quality translations in all languages. With custom QA checks, you can detect the exact mistakes you want. It helps customers avoid mistakes in the texts and translators to translate the content more proficiently.

Create Custom QA Check

Custom QA checks could be created in the Organization Settings > QA Checks page.

  1. You can find Organization Settings under the user icon in the top menu bar.
  2. Switch to the QA checks page on the left menu bar and click Create custom QA check.
  3. Provide the details of the custom QA check in the required fields:

    • Name – provide a clear name for your custom QA check, so the translator can understand what should be corrected in translation
    • Description – explain what custom QA check corrects or verifies
    • Code Snippet – provide the Javascript-based code snippet to make the QA check work. It includes a crowdin object and several properties. To create the code snippet, use the following structure:
      object crowdin {
       object file {
         string name,
         string fullName,
         string branch,
         string type
       string sourceLanguage,
       string targetLanguage,
       object context {
         string context,
         ?int maxLength,
         ?string pluralForm,
         ?string identifier
       string contentType,
       string source,
       string translation

    Code Snippet Limitations

    Crowdin code snippet has the limitations listed below:

    • The code is completely sandboxed. Neither browser context nor NodeJS context is available
    • Standard objects like date, math and similar ones are not available
    • Crowdin limits the time of running the custom QA check: a user’s code can run up to 100 ms. If the code snippet is too complex or has any mistakes, the custom QA check can be processed longer and will be stopped. In this case, correct the issues and run the check over.

    Read the Code Snippet for Custom QA Checks article for more details on how to create your own custom QA checks.

  4. Click Create.

Enable Custom QA Checks

All custom QA checks will be available in the Project settings together with QA checks provided by Crowdin. To enable custom QA checks, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project and go to Project settings.
  2. Scroll down to Quality Assurance Settings, switch to Custom QA checks and select the necessary custom QA checks.

Seeking Assistance

Need help working with Custom QA Checks or have any questions? Contact Support Team.

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