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Crowdin is a cloud-based localization management software helping teams to go global and stay agile.

Acerca do Crowdin

Crowdin is a product-based company founded in 2009 and since then grew to 2M+ user accounts.

Crowdin software is a localization management solution for agile teams. We empower companies of any shape and size to grow by reaching people who speak different languages. More than a million users from all over the world registered to deliver their websites, mobile apps, games, docs, and other content in the language of their customers.

Crowdin aims to provide the latest technology solutions that make translation and localization as easy as possible.

Endereço da Empresa

OÜ Crowdin Mustamäe tee 44/1, Kristiine linnaosa Tallinn, Harju maakond, 10621, Republic of Estonia

For general inquiries email us at

Factos sobre o Crowdin

  • over 2 million registered users all over the world
  • over 150K localization projects on the platform
  • over 500 apps and integrations on Crowdin Store
  • free for open source non-profit projects
  • used daily as a primary TMS and CAT tool by LSPs over the globe
  • hosts projects with over 35,000 contributors

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

  • we are committed to providing innovative, high-quality solutions
  • we continuously improve, experiment and search for new translation technologies and approaches
  • we implement the best localization and translation practices for the most efficient localization workflow
  • we claim no intellectual property rights over the resources customers upload or create at Crowdin


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