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Invite people to your Organization or a specific Project directly and define user access levels.

Access Levels

The following access levels exist in Crowdin Enterprise:

  • Owner – defines the primary contact for the account. Owners and Admins have the same permissions.
  • Admin – grants full access to the account. Admins can invite new users to the organization, edit user access, manage vendors, and edit organization settings.
  • Manager – allows users to create and manage projects, invite people to projects, and manage resources. This user type can’t manage vendors, invite or manage users on the organization level, or edit organization settings.
  • Contributor (translators and proofreaders) – allows users to view projects and tasks they are members of, see workflow steps assigned to them, access Editor on corresponding workflow steps, generate personal translation reports, communicate with other project members.

Inviting People to Organization

People added to your Organization will have no access to Workspace by default. Exception is Crowdsourcing projects, which are visible for all the organization members. Once you invite people to the Organization, you will be able to invite them to specific projects or assign them to workflow steps.

To invite users to your Organization, follow these steps:

  1. Select User Management on the left.
  2. Click Add users in the bottom right corner.
    Add organization user
  3. Add the email of the person to be added and click Send Invite.
    Send invitation to Organization

You can then track user last activity date, grant admin access, or block a user if necessary. Manage organization user

Inviting People to Project

You can add members within the Project and define their access permissions at every workflow step. To invite members to a specific Project, follow these steps:

  1. Open the project.
  2. Select Translations > Members on the left.
  3. Click Invite People in the top right corner.
    Add project member
  4. Select members or type the email address of the person you need to invite. You can also copy the shareable link and send it via email directly.
  5. Define permissions for an invitee. If you enable Manager access user will have access to all project resources and will be able to invite other members to the project.
    Access to all project languages, translation, and proofreading workflow steps(existing and future) box is selected by default. Clear the box in case you want to define access to specific workflow steps for any language.
  6. Сlick Invite.
    Sent invitation to Project


After you invited people to your organization, you can create teams to simplify the people management while assigning members to the projects, workflow steps and tasks.

Read more about Teams.

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